All Of Inspector Gadget's Gadgets, Ranked By Ludicrousness

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Vote up the most ridiculous, over-the-top, overcomplicated gadgets that you love anyway.

In one of the earliest Inspector Gadget episodes, entitled "Ghost Catchers," the book from Penny’s computer class seems to suggest that all of her Uncle Gadget's best Inspector Gadget tools are out of date. When she tells Gadget, he immediately changes the subject, which should come as no surprise. The idea of walking around in a body made up of machinery alone is disturbing, but imagine if that technology was past its prime.

As avid Inspector Gadget fans know, Penny’s bumbling uncle was fitted for approximately 14,000 gadgets and counting. Wowzers! Who knew an animated cyborg could be so abundantly equipped? But those aren't the only toys Inspector Gadget had - he also had a weakness for getting separate gadgets, like his waterproof chromomatic watch.

So which of these dozens of gadgets are your favorites? From flashlights to wind sails, roller skates to gumball machines, and everything in between, here are the greatest gadgets from Inspector Gadget. Vote your personal picks for best Inspector Gadget gadgets up to the top of the list.