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What Every Wand In Harry Potter Looks Like

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A great deal of thought went into the design of the wands in the Harry Potter universe. Each wand is meant to reflect the personality of the witch or wizard who wields it. For example, Harry’s wand is simple, but incredibly powerful, much like himself. Bellatrix’s wand is crooked and resembles a bird’s talon and is described by Ollivander as being “unyielding,” much like her.

Although Potter wandlore isn’t extensively explored in the series, it is significant. There’s a profound bond between the wizard and the wand. For example, both Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands contain the same core - a phoenix feather from Fawkes. The wands, like Harry and Voldemort, are linked. Some characters, such as Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom, had more than one wand throughout the series because their first one was damaged or taken away.

Harry Potter wands are a key insight into the witch or wizard to which they belong. The key "specs" of a wand are its length, the type of wood it's made from, and the material at its core. For some of the characters - including Sirius Black - we don't have any of this information, or know one or two things about the person's wand. Just like the story itself, the magical accouterments of the Harry Potter universe are complex. Whether the character is a member of the Order of the Phoenix or got sorted into the House of Slytherin, their wand has significance. 

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some dank pics of Potter wands. 

  • Photo: Warner Bros.

    Length: 10 ¾ inches  

    Wood: Vine

    Core: Dragon heartstring


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  • 2
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Length: Unknown  

    Wood: Unknown

    Core: Unknown

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  • Photo: Warner Bros.

    Length: 15 inches 

    Wood: Elder

    Core: Thestral tail hair

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  • 4
    Photo: Warner Bros.

    Length: 9 ½ inches  

    Wood: Rosewood

    Core: Veela hair

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