Total Nerd Every Important Detail You Missed In Season 8, Episode 2 Of 'Game Of Thrones'  

Kyle Chorpening
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As the end of Game of Thrones gets closer, episodes like "A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms" are important as they give fans a final chance to enjoy some downtime with beloved characters before the Long Night comes for them. Plenty of characters are going to end up on Game of Thrones death pools by the end of the Battle of Winterfell, but they get one last night to drink, be knighted, and get intimate before facing the Night King and his army of wights.

Even if it's mostly a hangout episode, there are still lots of details hidden throughout the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 8. Whether it's a throwback to Night's Watch tradition or foreshadowing to the fight that will follow the Night King's attack, there's plenty for longtime fans to chew over while they wait for the final four episodes to air.

'Jenny's Song' May Foreshadow The Future Of Jon And Dany's Relationship
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The squire Podrick Payne gets to show off one of his many unseen gifts in the episode's highlight as he grants Tyrion's request for a song. Gathered around a fire with Brienne, Jaime, Davos, and Tormund, Pod sings a melancholy tune that book readers recognize as "Jenny's Song." The version that Florence + the Machine sings over the episodes credits is credited as "Jenny of Oldstones," but those familiar with Westerosi history know that "Jenny's Song" has deep roots that connect to both Jon and Daenerys.

Two generations before Jon and Dany, Prince Duncan Targaryen fell in love with Jenny of Oldstones and married her against his father Aegon V's wishes. As the firstborn son, he was next in line for the Iron Throne, but he gave it all up to be wth her. Due to Duncan's decision to follow love, the path of succession went to his brother Jaehaerys II, whose son Aerys II eventually became the Mad King. It's possible that the song about their great-aunt/great-grandaunt hints at either Jon or Dany forsaking their claim to the Iron Throne in favor of the other. It could also be another clue to the prophecy of Azor Ahai, since Jenny of Oldstones also knew the woods witch who predicted that "the prince that was promised" would come from Aerys II's bloodline.

Jaime Probably Has An Important Role To Play In The Battle And What's Next
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Jaime begins the episode in a tough spot at the mercy of Daenerys, Sansa, Jon, and Bran. Daenerys has set people on fire for less than Jaime has done to her family, and Sansa watched Arya execute Littlefinger in that same hall just last season. Sansa shows mercy after Brienne vouches for him, but it's fair to say Jaime survived because of what Bran left unsaid. Jaime understands that as well, which is why he asks Bran why the Stark didn't tell the others how Jaime paralyzed him by pushing him out a window.

Bran says it would have been pointless since Jamie wouldn't have been of any help if he was dead. Since everything Bran says now is loaded with potential importance due to his Three-Eyed Raven powers, it's possible that Jamie has an especially important role to play in the coming battle or even beyond. Bran had no qualms exposing the depths of Littlefinger's treachery before his death, so at the very least, Jaime should be more helpful in battle than Petyr Baelish would have been.

Tyrion Might Have A Reason To Be Optimistic
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Two of the greatest minds in Westeros come together when Tyrion and Bran talk after the strategy session in preparation for the White Walker attack. Tyrion cuts through Bran's cryptic feints and presumably gets him to explain how he's taken over the role of Three-Eyed Raven and why he's the Night King's ultimate target. The conversation happens offscreen, and the next time we see Tyrion, he's drinking with Jaime. We don't know what Bran actually revealed, but it's possible that whatever he said put Tyrion in a mood to drink and sing as opposed to dwelling on things alone.

At one point after their party grows to include Tormund, Davos, Pod, and Brienne, Tyrion makes a joke about how they all might survive. It comes across as gallows humor in the moment, but maybe he's just drunk enough to let something slip out based on his conversation with Bran.

Winterfell's Guards Follow Night's Watch Tradition
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Any member of the Night's Watch worth their salt knows at least one thing: listen to the horns. One blast means rangers are returning, two means look out for wildlings, but three horn blasts? That's the signal for White Walkers.

The defenders at Winterfell know that lesson as well. When Dolorous Edd, Tormund, Beric, and the rest of their men return early in the episode, the guards give one blast to welcome them back to Winterfell. At the end of the episode, however, three horn blasts sound, letting everyone in Winterfell know the time has come. The White Walkers are there, and it's going to be a long night.