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Every DC Character In James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad,' Ranked By How Likely They Are To Die

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At DC's virtual FanDome event, director James Gunn revealed the bulk of the cast for his upcoming Suicide Squad film and the roles they would be playing - but fans shouldn’t rush to get attached to the obscure characters he’s picked out for the latest Task Force X. As if the movie's premise weren’t enough of an indication of what's in store for James Gunn's Suicide Squad cast, the director already confirmed that “a lot of cast members don’t make it to the end.”

That’s the reality of life in the Suicide Squad, where every mission is just a push of a button away from becoming your last. Fans are excited to see what the former Marvel director will do with a whole new universe of superheroes to play with. In looking at the collection of oddballs that makes up James Gunn's Suicide Squad characters, it’s clear that several are quite safe from the franchise’s lethal implications, while others are practically destined to meet their onscreen demise.

UPDATE: Now that The Suicide Squad is out in the world, we've updated the list to highlight how each supervillain either met their end or walked away with reduced sentences.

  • Who Is He? The character known as Javelin has had an ignominious career at DC Comics since his 1984 debut in Green Lantern #173. Little is known of Javelin’s origins, including his real name or why he transitioned from Olympic athlete to supervillain. He basically showed up with an arsenal of high-tech spears, tried to take on the Green Lantern, and wound up in jail where he was quickly recruited to the Suicide Squad.

    How Likely Is He To Survive? Flula Borg’s Javelin might have a tough time making it through this film. Not only does the character have one of the least defined backstories of the entire cast, but he’s also perished as a member of Task Force X on no fewer than three occasions. He’s been impaled with his own spear, shot by Deadshot, and hit by a car - so the question may not be whether Javelin perishes in the film but how. 

    How Does He Fare? Javelin is part of the doomed team that ultimately serves as a distraction for Bloodsport's smaller crew to enter Corto Maltese. After a brief flirtation with Harley Quinn, Javelin meets his end and leaves his signature spear in her care for an epic takedown during the film's climax.

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    Who Is He? Nathan Fillion’s role in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is labeled as “TDK,” which is rumored to be an abbreviation for “The Detachable Kid,” a character that cannot be found in the annals of DC Comics. Clues in his design and the reveal trailer make it pretty obvious that he’s a loose adaptation of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. He has the distinction of not being a villain or former member of Task Force X in the comics. He first showed up at tryouts for the Legion of Superheroes in 1989’s Secret Origins #46, where he demonstrated his remarkable ability to detach his own arms and use them as blunt weapons. He was then soundly rejected from the team.

    How Likely Is He To Survive? If there’s one thing James Gunn likes to do, it’s mess with his long-time friend and collaborator Nathan Fillion. Casting him as Arm-Fall-Off-Boy is already a pretty hilarious “gotcha,” but it’s a smart bet that Gunn will double down by also knocking off his buddy in a gruesome and embarrassing fashion. There’s also the limited applicability of his superpower to consider. 

    How Does He Fare? TDK (as he prefers to be called) gets a moment to slap a few soldiers around with his floating arms before the Corto Maltesean soldiers open fire on his defenseless appendages. He meets his end on the beach writhing in pain while his arms are filled with holes.

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    Who Is He? John Monroe, first appearing in 1985’s Firestorm Vol. 2 #38, was at first an ordinary university professor with extraordinarily antisocial tendencies that led to him being dubbed a “weasel” by his coworkers. To get revenge, Monroe dressed up like a giant weasel and started slaying them, until he accidentally went after one half of Firestorm’s human identity and was quickly defeated. Later, Monroe became an actual weasel-like monster, which made him a perfect candidate for the Suicide Squad.

    How Likely Is He To Survive? Sean Gunn’s Weasel appears to be purely a CGI creation, but don’t count on him becoming the next Rocket Raccoon. Weasel’s comic book history includes betraying the Suicide Squad, slaying a teammate, and then getting a bullet in the dome from Rick Flag with an assist from the Thinker - a scenario that could very well play out exactly the same in The Suicide Squad

    How Does He Fare? It looks like Weasel is the first member of Task Force X to meet his end when he immediately drowns in the ocean. Savant drags him ashore and pronounces the furry psycho dead, but a coda at the end of the film shows Weasel coughing up water and scampering into the jungle. 

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    Who Is He? Dick Hertz - yes, that’s right - made his debut in 1986’s Booster Gold #1 as an ordinary crook recruited into the evil organization known as the 1000 and transformed into a supervillain. Gifted a suit of armor that allowed him to create energy constructs in the form of a mace and shield, Hertz became Blackguard, but he was quickly overwhelmed by the time-traveling Booster Gold. After this turned his employers against him, Blackguard joined Booster in taking them down before doing his time in prison and signing up for Task Force X.

    How Likely Is He To Survive? Blackguard seems like the sort of character Pete Davidson picked based on his secret identity's name alone, because he doesn’t have an illustrious history in the comics. In fact, Blackguard got his head bit off by the General on his very first Task Force X mission, and the odds are good that his cinematic debut will have similarly harsh end.

    How Does He Fare? Hertz shows his true despicable colors by betraying his team immediately and trying to defect to the Corto Maltesean side when they arrive on the beach. Rather than get away scot free, Blackguard is swiftly eliminated with a single shot, making him the first villain to actually met their end in the movie.

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