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Every Leaked Trump Tape So Far

Updated 13 Oct 2018 4.1k views5 items

Donald Trump has been subject to much scrutiny throughout his presidency and there have been many controversies regarding leaked tapes that capture the president's private and often sensitive conversations. The nation was rocked in 2016 after the emergence of the widely circulated Access Hollywood tape, which included several questionable statements by Trump outlining how he treated women. Despite the initial backlash, Trump was still able to secure the presidency. However, tapes continued to surface after Trump took office. Here, you'll find a list of leaked Trump tapes in chronological order with the most recent stories first.  

Throughout Trump's presidency, various outlets have released several tapes containing sensitive information. From recordings with his then attorney Michael Cohen to conversations between Trump and former White House employee Omarosa Manigault Newman, the recordings have sparked debate and controversy in United States politics. While some find the tapes innocuous accounts of normal Washington dealings, others feel the tapes corroborate accusations against Trump regarding campaign fraud and more. The following are all high profile instances of Trump-related information leaks. Regardless of your political opinion, this list can keep you informed on the issue. 

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