The Best Character Classes In 'Lost Ark'

We are ranking the every character class in Lost Ark! The popular South Korean MMORPG introduces players to one of the most popular RPGs of the year by showcasing a vast open world filled with treasure and ever growing dangers around every corner. The best Lost Ark character class is not only fun to play as, but can get you out of any situation, whether you are surrounded by a horde of monsters, or giving buffs to your friends in order to defeat a boss. With five overarching classes and 16 different specializations, you can choose from a collection of special adventurers ranging from fearsome fighters to spell-slinging mages, all of which have their own unique traits, skills, and abilities.

Advanced classes such as the Soulfist and Striker stand out for their fast combo attacks and special elemental skills that enhances their attack power. Meanwhile more traditional RPG character classes like the Bard, Paladin, and the Sorceress all have familiar skills, but have refreshing and exciting gameplay mechanics that is sure to excite any new players. Which Lost Ark character do you think is the best?

Vote up the best character class in Lost Ark that you think is the best and be sure check back as we update this list with every new class addition to the game!

  • Paladin
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    Primarily a support class, Paladins have the ability to shield and buff themselves and party members. They can also wield a sword on the frontlines and use their divine connection to the Gods for even more offensive and defensive skills. 

  • Berserker
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    As the name suggest, Berserkers can enter rampage-like states wherein they gain increased attack and movement speed. They are primarily a melee class and wield a large greatsword for big damage along with having decent defense.

  • Sorceress
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    The Sorceress represents the more traditional mage class. They cast spells based on three destructive elements and are a good choice for players that want to deal a huge amount of damage to large groups of enemies, provided they can plan well for cooldowns. 

  • Deathblade
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    The Deathblade is an assassin class that uses fast, high-damage combo attacks with three swords. Extremely agile and mobile, players can move around the battlefield quickly and set themselves up with a series of backstabs and sneak attacks that can proves to be useful on a chaotic field. 

  • Soulfist
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    The Soulfist uses a mixture of melee and ranged attacks that can be laced together to form powerful combos. They also channel a special energy called Adamance to further empower their offensive skills or to slow down enemies hot on their trail.

  • Striker
    Photo: Lost Ark/Tripod Studio
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    A good choice for those that enjoy fast combat at close range, the Striker makes use of many moves that throw the opponent in the air to then be brutalized by aerial combos. They also have powerful elemental abilities for even more ways to knock opponents down.