A Rundown Of Every Major Place In The Game Of Thrones Universe

Fans of the HBO series Game Of Thrones enjoy the epic sweep the story offers, and love coming up with crazy theories about their favorite characters. But there are so many details to keep track of: complex backstories for each of the numerous characters, intricate plots involving decades of invented history, and dozens of locations across an imaginary globe. It can get a bit overwhelming. Just look at the Game of Thrones map that makes up the opening credits of the series - it keeps changing each season.

Luckily, you don't have to remain lost in the vast Game of Thrones universe. This guide will help you quickly differentiate cities in Westeros from cities in Essos, and all the major and minor locales in between. The breathtaking icy expanses of the Wall, the imposing pyramids of Meereen, and the sandy stretches of Dorne are all represented on this virtual tour of the wild, wonderful world of Game of Thrones.

  • Winterfell

    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: About 1,000 miles north of King's Landing. It sits atop hot springs that help keep the castle warm.
    • What It's Known For: Winterfell is the capital of the north, and the traditional home of the Stark family. It has stood for thousands of years, though it sustained severe damage at the hands of Ramsay Bolton.
  • King's Landing

    King's Landing
    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: The east coast of Westeros on Blackwater Bay.
    • What It's Known For: King's Landing is the walled, capital city of Westeros and the location of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep.
  • The Wall

    The Wall
    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: At the northern edge of the Seven Kingdoms.
    • What It's Known For: Defense against Wildling invasions and the White Walkers.
  • The Eyrie

    The Eyrie
    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: Near the east coast of Westeros in the Vale of Arryn. The castle sits atop a peak in the Mountains of the Moon, thousands of feet above the ground.
    • What It's Known For: The Eyrie is the seat of House Arryn. The fortress is known for its supposedly impregnable defenses, as well as its "Moon Door," through which enemies are dropped to their deaths.
  • Castle Black

    Castle Black
    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: Approximately midway along the Wall, far in the North.
    • What It's Known For: Castle Black is one of three remaining castles that previously were built and occupied by the Night's Watch up and down the length of the Wall. It is the headquarters of the Night's Watch.
  • Meereen

    Photo: HBO
    • Where It's Located: The northernmost point in Slaver's Bay in Essos, at the mouth of the Skahazadhan River.
    • What It's Known For: Its pyramids, which are inhabited by the city's rich, as well as its slave trading. It eventually becomes the seat of Daenerys Targaryen and her supporters.