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Every Time Pennywise Was Hidden In The Background Of The 'It' Movies

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The It movies, released in 2017 and 2019, respectively, helped bring horror into the mainstream and revitalized the Stephen King fandom in a big way. Pennywise the Dancing Clown, played by Bill Skarsgård, has become an undisputed horror icon, and on second and third viewings of the films, fans began to realize that the horrifying clown is onscreen more than you'd think. 

Pennywise is often in the background of scenes, lurking in corners - and sometimes in plain sight - just waiting for the Losers Club to let their guard down, and it makes the films that much creepier. Here is every hidden Pennywise we could find in the It movies.

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    In The Background Of An Old Photograph

    Photo: It Chapter One / Warner Bros.

    In It Chapter One, Ben is conducting some research in the library when he stumbles upon an old photograph of an Easter egg hunt. If you blink, you'll miss him, but a blurry Pennywise can be seen lurking in the background of the image.

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    As Two Glowing Eyes In The Denbroughs' Basement

    Photo: It Chapter One / Warner Bros.

    This creepy moment comes in the first few minutes of It Chapter One. When Bill sends his little brother, Georgie, into the basement for some wax, the scene's atmosphere spirals from wholesome to horrifying, and for good reason. 

    As pointed out by YouTuber Heavy Spoilers, two glowing eyes appear behind Georgie as he descends the stairs into the basement, indicating that Pennywise was watching him long before he embarked on his fateful walk in the rain.

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    Before He Appears To Victoria Under The Bleachers

    Photo: It Chapter Two / Warner Bros.

    It Chapter Two's bleachers scene features plenty of creepy atmosphere and a horrifying payoff, but it also contains a few secrets. Before Pennywise reveals himself and starts chatting with the young Victoria, he can be seen in the shadows under the bleachers, waiting for her to walk right into his trap.

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    As A Creepy Librarian Looming Behind Ben

    Photo: It Chapter One / Warner Bros.

    While this hidden detail from It Chapter One doesn't come in the shape of a clown, it's certainly a creepy reminder that Pennywise - also known as It - is always ready to pounce. When Ben is conducting some research in Derry's library, the librarian (who had just chided Ben for not playing outside with his friends) turns to stare at him from the back of the room. 

    Her hunched frame and eerie grin clearly indicate that she is It in disguise. But what's truly unsettling is that Ben never even sees her.

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