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Every Time Pennywise Was Hidden In The Background Of The 'It' Movies

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The It movies, released in 2017 and 2019, respectively, helped bring horror into the mainstream and revitalized the Stephen King fandom in a big way. Pennywise the Dancing Clown, played by Bill Skarsgård, has become an undisputed horror icon, and on second and third viewings of the films, fans began to realize that the horrifying clown is onscreen more than you'd think. 

Pennywise is often in the background of scenes, lurking in corners - and sometimes in plain sight - just waiting for the Losers Club to let their guard down, and it makes the films that much creepier. Here is every hidden Pennywise we could find in the It movies.

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    Hovering Behind Tom In A Portrait

    Photo: It Chapter Two / Warner Bros.

    It Chapter Two makes clear that Pennywise is still surveying the Losers in their adult lives, even if they don't remember him. One such clue comes when Beverly is escaping her husband, Tom.

    As she runs down the stairs, she passes a portrait of her and Tom on the wall, and in the upper right corner of the painting, a subtle impression of Pennywise can be seen looming over Tom's shoulder, hinting that perhaps the similarities between Bev's father and her husband aren't so coincidental after all.

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    In A Mural Bill Rides Past On His Bike

    Photo: It Chapter Two / Warner Bros.

    This creepy deatil in It Chapter Two is a reference to the first film, though it's subtle enough that many may miss it on a first viewing. When Bill is riding the streets of Derry on his recently reclaimed bike, Silver, he zooms past a mural depicting the aftermath of a town shootout.

    Pennywise can be seen hiding behind the tire of a car, in the same spot he appeared in the first film.

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    On The Back Of Richie's Funeral Program

    Photo: It Chapter Two / Warner Bros.

    In It Chapter Two, Richie finds himself in Derry's city center reminiscing about a horrifying encounter with a giant lumberjack. He's startled when a mysterious man shoves a flyer into his hand, but he's even more shaken when he realizes what it is: The program for his own funeral.

    As the camera cuts from the front of the program to Richie's face, a drawing of Pennywise's head can be seen peering out from the paper's backside.

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    In The Background Of An Old Photograph

    Photo: It Chapter One / Warner Bros.

    In It Chapter One, Ben is conducting some research in the library when he stumbles upon an old photograph of an Easter egg hunt. If you blink, you'll miss him, but a blurry Pennywise can be seen lurking in the background of the image.

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