The Best Perfect Games In Major League History

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Every perfect game in baseball history has been special. It takes a tremendous combination of skill and luck to pull off one of the rarest accomplishments in sports, let alone in baseball. There have been just 23 perfect games ever thrown, and no one has completed the feat since 2012.

Each of these pitchers was certainly dominant in his perfect game, but that doesn't mean they were equally impressive. Sandy Koufax, also one of the best pitchers in history to throw multiple no-hitters, and Matt Cain share the record of 14 strikeouts in their perfect games. Meanwhile, David Cone needed just 88 pitches to finish his perfect game, the fewest ever recorded, and Cy Young completed his perfect game in one hour, 25 minutes, the shortest on record.

Others pitched their perfect games at the perfect moment. Don Larsen famously pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, while Dallas Braden finished off his perfect game on Mother's Day.

So which of these pitchers was most impressive in completing one of the most impressive feats in sports? What was the most dominant perfect game in major league history?