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Every Phantom Troupe Member Ranked From Strongest to Weakest

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The Phantom Troupe is a gang of thieves known both for their ruthlessness and their intense loyalty to one another. Some admire them for their thieving prowess, while others despise them for taking lives without a second thought. Love them or hate them, they're exceptionally strong - but who among them is the strongest?

With so many powerful members, it's hard to say who the strongest Phantom Troupe member is. It could be the leader, Chrollo Lucilfer, who has the ability to steal other people's abilities at will. It could also be Hisoka Morow, who temporarily joined for his own purposes and managed to totally bamboozle the rest of the troupe. Or maybe it's Uvogin, whose raw physical strength is unparalleled. 

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    Chrollo Lucilfer

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    Ask anybody in the Phantom Troupe who they think is the strongest member and they'll probably say their boss, Chrollo Lucilfer. While he might not be as physically powerful as say, Uvogin, his command over the group's loyalty combined with his Nen techniques make him a formidable foe.

    Chrollo's primary ability is Skill Hunter. This allows him to take Nen techniques from other people and store them in a conjured book for his own use. To do this, he must see the technique in action, ask the person to explain their ability, and then have them touch the book's front cover - all within an hour. It's not easy to accomplish, but he's managed it enough times to amass a panoply of techniques, including Indoor Fish,  Teleportation, Lovely Ghostwriter, and more.

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    Hisoka only joined the Phantom Troupe so that he could fight Chrollo, and he bounced at the earliest opportunity. So, he's not exactly a true member. That said, he's one of the most frightening people in the world of Hunter x Hunter, both for his creepy interest in Gon and for his raw power. 

    Aside from being freakin' jacked, Hisoka has a unique Nen ability called Bungee Gum. If you've seen the show, you heard Machi explain it four times in a row, but here we go again. He can turn his aura into a sticky, gumlike substance that can be used to bind opponents, defend him against projectiles, allow him to walk on walls, and even close up wounds.

    His other ability, Texture Surprise, lets him change the texture and appearance of any flat surface to his liking. That's how he managed to create a fake Phantom Troupe tattoo.

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    Feitan Portor

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    Feitan Portor is the troupe's interrogator, a task he usually accomplishes through torture. After defeating the Chimera Ant Zazan, he becomes the interim leader until they find Chrollo. 

    In order to defeat Zazan, he uses a particularly terrifying combination of techniques: Pain Packer and Rising Sun. Pain Packer is activated only when he's sufficiently angry. It allows him to conjure a suit of armor that will protect him from the next attack he unleashes. That attack is Rising Sun, which involves summoning a miniature sun and scorching his opponent with it. Its heat depends on how badly he's been hurt up until that point.

    Because of this technique, the rest of the Troupe knows to get the heck out of the way whenever Feitan appears to be enraged.

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    Uvogin's physical strength is unmatched. Without using Nen at all, he can easily beat the stuffing out of most opponents. When he does use Nen, he uses it to enhance his physical attacks. This is called Big Bang Impact, a technique where he enhances a right straight punch with aura, giving it about as much power as a missile. It's simple, but extremely effective - he managed to destroy Kurapika's arm with it even though the latter was using Emperor Time.

    Unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough to defeat Kurapika, who was able to defeat him using Chain Jail and Judgment Chain.

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