Every Rule In The Code Duello, The Stupidest Way Men Used To Settle Beef

From the medieval era up until the mid-19th century, dueling was a fixture throughout the “civilized” world. Despite the rule of law spreading through every nation for the previous three centuries, gentlemen still felt the need to protect their honor in face-to-face duels. Of course, these were soft-handed nobles, not common ruffians, and so complex rules of dueling were put in place to insure that offenses were put to bed without the involvement of larger families or factions. 

Enter the Code Duello. What is the Code Duello? It's a series of rules first crafted in Ireland in 1777 by gentlemen idiots. The goal of the code was to instill in dueling a sense of order and pragmatism, never mind that principle participants had totally thrown pragmatism to the wind when they tried to solve their problems with violence. Until dueling was finally squashed out under a pile of legislation, the rules of the Code Duello were the primary ways men used to settle beef. Each region of the world adopted their own version of the Code Duello, but they all very fairly the same.

Here, for your consideration, a modern day explanation of every rule in the Code Duello as seen through the eyes of completely made-up dispute.