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All 30 Iron Man Suits That Have Appeared On Screen

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Nerd hero and luckiest man on Earth Robert Downey Jr., breathed life into the Marvel Cinematic Universe way back in 2008 with his inaugural performance as Tony Stark. In Iron Man, Tony created the Mark I suit under significant duress with few resources, which is why it looked like a walking trash compactor. Since then, though, all of Iron Man's suits have grown increasingly baller (including the one he gifted to Rhodey, who qualifies as one of the luckiest MCU characters).

So, just how many suits does Iron Man have in the MCU? Forty-six. Forty-six freaking suits! Now, only 30 of those awesome, mind-blowing suits of armor in Iron Man's arsenal have been fed to our glistening eyeballs over the course of RDJ's six appearances in the MCU, as most of the Iron Legion was destroyed in Iron Man 3 without real screen time. To see all of the Iron Man armors, you would normally throw on your pjs, sink into your couch, and watch roughly 15 hours of film footage. Since no one has that kind of time, the suits are all assembled here for your viewing and voting pleasure. 

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    Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit (Mark XLII)

    Official Armor Name: Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit
    Special Properties: Mk XLII is Tony's primary suit in Iron Man 3, so you'd think he could give it a name. Its color scheme is essentially a reverse of the original designs, with gold being the primary color and red the secondary. This suit has all the bells and whistles: a built-in self-repair system, all-around state-of-the-art weaponry upgrades, and a plasma-penetration unibeam that allows it to penetrate solid objects. It also utilizes similar technology to Bones, with the added feature of corresponding microchips implanted in Tony that allow him to control the suit through his nervous system and call it to him where it can equip piece-by-piece. This is how he escaped the Mandarin's compound in Iron Man 3.
    Appears In: Iron Man 3

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    Mark XLIII

    Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Official Armor Name: Iron Man Armor Mk XLIII
    Special Properties: Mk XLIII is a very similar structural design to Mk XLII except that it's the first suit with a built-in Arc Reactor as Tony had his surgically removed at the end of Iron Man 3, prompting viewers everywhere to ask, "Why didn't he do that earlier?" It swapped the color scheme back, making red the primary color again. Mk XLIII has a "Sentry" mode, allowing J.A.R.V.I.S. to take remote control of it. In case you're confused, it's the one in the foreground of the picture. 
    Appears In: Avengers: Age of Ultron

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    Heartbreaker (Mark XVII)

    Official Armor Name: Heartbreaker
    Special Properties: Heartbreaker is named for its giant chest repulsor that allows for a stronger blast than its predecessors. The unibeam can also fire faster out of that bulky bosom, made so large by stacked titanium plating and a tendency to skip leg days.
    Appears In: Iron Man 3

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    Mark XLV

    Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Official Armor Name: Iron Man Armor Mk XLV
    Special Properties: Mk XLV replaces Mk XLIII as Tony's primary suit in Age of Ultron after the latter is heavily damaged. Save for a new design and color scheme—more red, hearkening back to the OG suit—this suit is very similar to Mk XLIII. The main difference is that it is the first to integrate the new AI F.R.I.D.A.Y. after J.A.R.V.I.S. becomes the Vision.
    Appears In: Avengers: Age of Ultron

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