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Everyone Who Has Ever Said 'F***' On 'Saturday Night Live'

29 Apr 2020 26.6k views19 items

One of the hazards of live television is that it is just that - live. Without the cushion of tape delay, whatever someone says on-mic (and sometimes off-mic) will end up being aired. Slips of the tongue are not uncommon. And when that slip of the tongue results in an F-bomb or other obscenity being heard on-air, it tends to be a very big deal - the audience notices, the media notices, and the FCC notices. The consequences of an obscenity airing on live television can vary. As the history of Saturday Night Live proves, sometimes the person dropping the expletive is let off the hook, while other times the accidental or deliberate slip of the tongue costs the person their job.

Since SNL debuted in 1975, the late-night sketch comedy/variety show has had multiple incidents where some variation of the F-word has been dropped, with the first known time coming back in 1980. Sometimes, the slip-up has been accidental, such as when Jenny Slate dropped the F-bomb on her very first episode as an SNL cast member. Sometimes it is deliberate, such as when Prince refused to change an obscenity-laced lyric in his song "Party Up." In fact, musicians have been common offenders when it comes to dropping F-bombs on this show - more than half of the incidents listed below came during a musical performance. But as individuals such as Kristen Stewart and Norm Macdonald have shown, guest hosts and cast members are not immune from letting an obscenity (or two) slip. 

These slip-ups - or deliberate acts - have certainly kept the censors working on SNL busy over the years.

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