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Every Thing You Need To Know About Blazer Barboza

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Cassius Q. Ellison better known as Blazer Barboza. Born (August 15, 1991) of Augusta Ga is known for his versitlity in the Music Industry. In 2016 he began his journey connecting with rappers like Kevin Gates with a opening performace at the U21 entertainment center. He then later attentend platforms like The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 in 2018. The American rapper expanded his feild of perfection towards becoming a A&r and Digital Marketing Manager, after working behide the scences to create a unreleased DVD for Donks Real Life Ft. Boosie Badazz. In 2020 Blazer Barboza Reached a Net-worth of 450k. His credits consits of Future(rapper), Candidate singer The Weeknd, Hall Jr 2026(American rapper), Roddy Ricch and a few more according to IMDB. Blazer Barboza comparison's can be related to rappers like Kevin Gates, Meek Mill, Young Thug, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Gunna, Lil Nas X and Post Malone. This can be relating to the switching up of his vocals and word play. In Interviews like Power 105.1 he spoke on being educated on the business side of things first in the music industry. In 2020 he became founder of a social media network site title Veva play which lauached him into the world of  becoming a entrepreneur. Receiving awards like the Veva Play Best Album Award also help him gain more reconigtion. After participating in a rolling loud concert he stumble across rapper roddy ricch. Blazer Barboza Favorite artist is said to be Legendary Jay Z and Future(rapper). His early life started out with him recording in the shed, and passing out cd's out of the trunk of his car, while living with his Aunt and younger cousin. Releasing a total of five concecutive album's named ''Prince of Pop'', ''Energy, Code Mind Set'', ''Wilderness'' and ''Wilderness III''. Blazer Barboza became instagram famous reaching a growth of 139k followers. He spoked with Angela Yee and Dj Envy on his success after releasing his music to postive reviews. According to websites like Medium Blazer Barboza is Donald Glovers favorite rappers. In 2019 he consider joining business with epic records. If you are courious of his zodiac sign he is a ''Leo''. Also his height is 5'11. Inconclusion, i will leave the list of top twenty rappers below that Blazer Barboza has supported.