Remembering Every Single Time Batman Died In The Comics

One thing that's true of comic book characters: they never stay dead for long. So when the Dark Knight gets taken out, you know he probably won't remain in the ground. Now, Batman doesn't usually go around killing his enemies (most of the time), but they aren't as forgiving when it comes to their views on taking him out. Most fans may not realize it, but Batman has died in the comics quite a few times over the years.

Sure, Bruce Wayne has been on the losing side of fights against a number of enemies, but most of the time, he gets up and walks away. That's not always true, however, when you examine more than 80 years of publishing history for a character who has fought some pretty tough villains


  • Darkseid Obliterates Batman With His Omega Beams

    Batman's death in Final Crisis is one of the most jarring of his professional career. While battling Darkseid, all other superheroes are taken out; it's left to the Dark Knight to handle one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Fortunately, he is equipped with a Radion Bullet capable of atomizing the deadly enemy.

    With nothing left to lose, he crosses the line of his "no kill policy" and fires the bullet just as Darkseid unleashes the full power of his Omega Beams at Batman. Batman dies instantly, and the next splash page featuring the Man of Steel holding the desecrated corpse of his comrade is one of the most harrowing depictions of a superhero death in comics.

  • Batman And The Joker Die Together In A Collapsing Cave

    Batman: Endgame is a four-issue miniseries which sees the final epic battle between the Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight. Things get crazy in this issue after Joker cuts off Alfred's hand and tortures Jim Gordon (though not for the first time). When the two finally come to blows, it's apparent the Joker no longer wants to taunt his enemy - he's ready to kill him.

    Joker takes one hell of a beating, while Batman is stabbed multiple times. Batman also gets some razor-sharp playing cards thrown into his eyes before the two finally deal one another mortal blows. As they lay dying, the roof of the cave begins to collapse, sending giant stalactites down onto them. As they are about to be buried in rubble, Batman muses, "I’m just going to rest here a little while with my friend."

  • The Entire Justice League Is Killed By The Ancient Atlanteans

    JLA #74 starts with an epic battle between the Justice League and the ancient Atlanteans, just after the League finds the Flash captive with his legs torn off. Determined to free their ally, the team begins their attack, but it doesn't go well for any of them. Throughout the issue, each character is brutally killed.

    Superman is taken out after flying around the world at full speed and slamming into the Atlantean plaza. Green Lantern's heart is removed, and Batman is slaughtered in unceremonious fashion along with the rest. The JLA return in the following issue as undead versions of themselves, but thanks to some magic, time travel, and other shenanigans, they are resurrected and returned to fighting form.

  • Wonder Woman Stabs A Dictator Batman Through The Chest

    Superman/Batman #15 features an alternate timeline where Batman and Superman are dictators, thanks to the machinations of Saturn Queen and Lightning Lord. Instead of a Justice League, Wonder Woman forms a group of freedom fighters who attack Liberty Island.

    Batman and Superman join in the fight alongside the Legion of Super Heroes, and things get bloody fast. Batman shoots the Ray in the head, killing him. Uncle Sam, who has Abin Sur's Green Lantern Ring, creates a giant eagle to keep Superman at bay while Wonder Woman engages with the Caped Crusader. The pair fight for a while, but Dianna proves too much for Batman. She stabs him through the chest, and he dies instantly.