Weird History We Compiled Every Single Time A Trump Administration Official Got History Completely Wrong  

Jacob Shelton
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If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly coverage of the Trump administration’s seemingly interminable downward spiral, then you’ve no doubt noticed that the White House has a funny way of dealing with the past. Since the days of the campaign (and probably well before then if we're honest), Trump's understanding of American history has been spotty at best, which puts his press team in between a rock and a hard place when they have to attempt to translate his ramblings. Listening to Trump on history is like listening to a child talk about what they learned in school that day. His speeches are filled with incoherent ramblings that are baffling at best, and factually bankrupt at worst.

The Trump administration has reconstructed history through their particular lens, and, by doing so, they whitewash significant events while attempting to turn America into a kind of GOP Disneyland. When Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly discussed the Civil War with Fox News, he pushed aside the notion that the war was fought over slavery – which it was – and claimed that it was about a "lack of compromise." This line of thought is offensive on a molecular level, and it also shows the depths that the Trump White House will go to in order to realign history with its values.

In a few instances, there have been Trump staff resignations over how bad his employees have been at lying to the American people and the press, but unfortunately, everyone that’s left in the White House seems to be A-OK with just making stuff up. Steel yourself, and keep reading to find out all the ways that the Trump administration is wrong about history. Brought to you by the administration that coined "alternative facts."

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They Claim Their Tax Plan Is The Biggest Tax Cut In The History Of The US

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Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump touted a massive tax plan that was going to be "so huge" that it would save the economy. When he finally revealed his planned tax cuts, it turned out that his reform plans weren't actually all that great. 

In fact, his tax plan didn't even stack up to previous tax plans by presidents of both parties. Reuters reports that Regan was able to lower tax rates by 60%, and both presidents Harding and Coolidge were able to cut taxes by almost 66%. On the blue side of the aisle, Kennedy was able to lower taxes by 23%, which is nowhere near what Coolidge did, but it's better than Trump's proposed plan to cut corporate taxes by 15%. 

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Trump Makes A Baffling Claim About His Inauguration Concert

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If you're not sure why so many of the Trump Administration's lies have to do with the President's inauguration, it's important to remember that Donald Trump only cares about optics. Artifice and gauche aesthetics are to him what the pursuit of truth was to Barack Obama. He would rather look like he had the biggest and best inauguration than actually do good in the world. Much of Trump's presidency has been about erasing President Obama's eight years in office, so it makes sense that Trump would throw himself an inaugural concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial. In 2009, Obama also held an inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, but Trump attempted to hand wave those festivities away. 

He said: “This started out tonight being a small little concert, and then we had the idea maybe we’ll do it in front of the Lincoln Memorial." Trump said, smirking to himself. "I don’t know if it’s ever been done before. But if it has, very seldom.”


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Donald Trump Claims That He Wasn't All For The Iraq War When He Definitely Was

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This lie technically happened prior to Trump's presidency, but it's so in your face that it has to be discussed. At a 2016 Indiana campaign stop, Trump claimed that he was against the Iraq war from the very beginning. He told his audience, “It should have never happened,” as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence stood by his side. “I didn’t want to go from the beginning, and I have proof – from the beginning. I didn’t want Iraq. I said you’re going to destabilize the Middle East, and that’s exactly what happened.” But here's the thing, in 2002, six months before the Iraq war, Trump appeared on The Howard Stern Show and said that said that he supported invading the Middle East

This is also the guy who claims that he saw Muslims cheering during 9/11, so what else do you expect? If you want to drive yourself extra crazy, watch Donald Trump perform verbal gymnastics to Anderson Cooper in order to try and get around the fact that he was all for invading the Middle East. 


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Donald Trump Inaccurately Praises General Pershing's Alleged Treatment Of Muslims

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There's a story about General Pershing, a senior United States Army officer who served as the commander of the American Expeditionary Force on the Western Front in World War I, that involves him dipping his bullets in pig's blood before executing POWs in order to inspire fear in Muslims during a conflict in the Phillipines. The story goes that this inspired so much fear in Pershing's Muslim enemies (Muslims consider pig’s blood to be unholy and ingesting pork to be a sin) that the conflict ended. This story is a straight-up lie, but Trump used it over and over at campaign rallies, and he even tweeted about it in 2017. 

Christopher Capozzola, a history professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology said "There were deliberate efforts to offend Muslim Filipinos’ religious sensibilities, And yes, there was large-scale violence against their communities. But I know of no event like the one that Mr. Trump describes.”