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Every Trump Cabinet Member's Stance On Science

Updated 17 May 2018 2.0k views15 items

Political stances on science often get overlooked during debates and news reports. However, issues like climate change, space exploration, vaccinations, and science education have a major impact on our daily lives. As the Executive Branch has a big influence on public policy, it's vital to be aware of how White House cabinet members feel about various issues of concern to the scientific community. Regardless of your personal political views, it's important to stay informed. How US politicians approach scientific issues varies greatly.

Hotly debated topics like global warming, vaccinations, creationism in the classroom, and more are often cause for embittered political squabbles. Perspectives on science can influence public policy and certain issues should be of concern to us all. When it comes to topics such as climate change, for example, some people feel our very ability to continue to live on the planet is at risk. To learn more about the Trump administration's stance on science, read this list!