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All 39 Versions Of Morty That We've Seen On Rick And Morty

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How many versions of Morty Smith are there? Obviously there's C-137 Morty and Evil Morty, but what about all of the alternate reality Mortys? Real Rick and Morty fans will remember characters like Cronenberg Morty, Cat Morty, and even Eric Staltz Mask Morty, multiple 14-year-old boys traumatized by their abusive and belch-y multiverse grandfathers. Sci-fi and cartoons are genres where oddities thrive, and Rick and Morty boasts oddities galore. Rick's home-made spaceship and portal gun allow the grandfather-grandson pair to travel to distant worlds, though Mortys of all worlds typically fail to understand the complex theories behind Rick and Morty

With an infinite supply of unique universes to travel, fans get to meet a slew of crazy characters, including every Morty in the multiverse. Because "Morty brainwaves" can't handle much mental stimulation, it ensures Rick dumbs it down so the stoned-as-hell Adult Swim audience can follow along. To have a Rick, you need a Morty to keep the show from getting too depraved and too difficult.

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