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Every Actor Playing A 'Sopranos' Character In 'The Many Saints of Newark'

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Almost 15 years after the infamous finale of The Sopranos aired on HBO, a prequel film called The Many Saints of Newark is set to premiere in theaters and on HBO Max on October 1. Fans are abuzz about the movie's new trailer, its story revolving around the racial unrest that roiled Newark, New Jersey in the '60s and '70s, and the decision to cast James Gandolfini's son Michael in the role of young Tony Soprano. As we get closer to the movie's premiere, we finally know who, besides Michael, is being cast in some of the most iconic roles in television history. Vote up the casting decisions in the list below that you think are pitch perfect, and vote down the ones you think should have gone to a different actor. 

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    Samson Moeakiola as Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero

    Sal Bonpensiero is Tony's childhood friend and a soldier in the DiMeo family. His nickname "Big Pussy" is an affectionate reference to the character's past as a cat burglar. Sal is said to have been "made" around the same time as Tony, Jackie Aprile, and Silvio — we'll likely learn more about that timeline once the movie is released.

    Originally played by: Vincent Pastore

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    Billy Magnussen as Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri

    Paulie Gualtieri is a capo and enforcer in Tony Soprano's crew. Throughout The Sopranos, references are made to Gualtieri's past working for Tony's father, Johnny Boy Soprano. The Many Saints of Newark will give Sopranos fans a chance to see what their working relationship was like, and how Tony viewed Paulie before he became a "made man" himself. 

    Originally played by: Tony Sirico

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    Mattea Conforti as Janice Soprano

    Janice Soprano is Tony's older sister and the daughter of Johnny Boy and Livia Soprano. After the death of their father, Janice changed her name to "Parvati" and headed for the West Coast, leaving Tony to deal with their troublesome mother alone. It'll be interesting to see what young Janice was like when the Soprano family was all living under one roof.

    Originally played by: Aida Turturro

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    Chase Vacnin as Jackie Aprile

    Jackie Aprile is a childhood friend of Tony's and is the acting boss of the DiMeo crime family at the beginning of the series. The first few episodes of The Sopranos take place at a time when Aprile's cancer diagnosis is creating a power vacuum within the family — with Jackie sidelined, Tony and Uncle Junior are competing for the title of Boss. In The Sopranos, it's said that Tony and Jackie stuck up a card game together, forcing the Mob to recognize the two as serious candidates for membership. Here's hoping we get to see that all go down in The Many Saints of Newark.

    Originally played by: Michael Rispoli

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