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Everybody Wants Some!! Movie Quotes

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Everybody Wants Some!! movie quotes follow a group of college freshmen who are also on the school's baseball team in the 1980s. Written and directed by Richard Linklater, the comedy-drama is called a "spiritual sequel" to his 1993 hit Dazed and Confused. Everybody Wants Some!! opened in theaters on March 30, 2016.

In Everybody Wants Some!!, Jake (Blake Jenner) begins college and while he was named a member of the baseball team, he has a lot of work to do before he is accepted by fellow players. Along with Kenny (Ryan Guzman), Glen (Tyler Hoechlin), Finnegan (Glen Powell), Willoughby (Wyatt Russell) and Billy (Will Brittain), among many others, Jake tries his best to find his place in the world and his pack amongst his classmates.

So as the baseball players deal with common themes like partying, hazing and schoolwork, they learn about themselves and each other in the process. They even get some attention from the opposite sex, including from Beverly (Zoey Deutch) and Val (Dora Madison Burge).

Everybody Wants Some!! joins theaters to close out March 2016 alongside Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, The Brothers Grimsby, 10 Cloverfield Lane.
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    Hey, Ladies!

    Plummer: Look at what we have here! Hey, ladies! Party later tonight at the baseball houses.
    Bev's Friend: You should be investing this energy elsewhere.
    Plummer and Willoughby: [together] Lesbians
    Beverly: I like the quiet guy in the back seat.
    Plummer: Whoop, there's nothing here.
    Jake: I can see how that would be threatening, new guy coming in getting all the ladies... That was a joke.
    Billy: I've got your joke right here.
    Willoughby: Did he just call it a joke?
    Dale: That's what he implied.

    The guys approach a pair of coeds outside a motel and try to put the moves on them. While Beverly and her friend are not especially interested, Jake does catch their eye, much to the displeasure of the other guys in the car.
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    The Pack Mentality

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    Nesbit: It's all so damn tribal. That's the pack mentality, all the adrenaline.
    Kenny: Does that mean you're not going?
    Nesbit: I didn't say that.

    Nesbit complains that college life can include a lot of pack mentality and while he doesn't like this, it surely isn't stopping him from enjoying the funner parts of having a social life in college.
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    Two Rules

    Coach Gordon: Two rules: No booze in this house. Number two, no girls upstairs in this bedrooms.

    When Coach Gordon explains the only two rules of the house, it seems he means business. But when you tell someone not to do something, you almost assure that they will do it just to spite you.
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    You're Nobody

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    Dale: This ain't high school, man. This is a new level. You have not earned teammate status yet.
    Kenny: Who the hell are you?
    Jake: Oh, uh, Jake, Bradley
    Dale: And until you do, you're nobody.

    When Jake arrives at college as part of the baseball team, he is quickly humbled by fellow baseball players. As Dale points out, freshmen are nobodies and have to earn their place all over again.
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