Everyday Carry Essentials For Outdoorsmen

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Every outdoorsman or outdoorswoman is different in terms of what they take into and out of the woods. Whether a person is camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking, there's always going to be a group of everyday carry essentials each and every person will require. This is the type of gear no outdoorsman should be without, as EDC items are incredibly useful, easy to pack and carry, and are, arguably, absolutely necessary.

This list compiles the most important everyday carry gear necessary to ensure you have a fun and safe time in the woods, desert, or wherever you might find yourself on an outdoors trip. Take a look at the items below, and don't forget to vote up the best everyday carry knives, gadgets, bags, and other items you consider are the most important for every outdoorsman or outdoorswoman to have on-hand for their next trip.