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28 Rare Photos That Prove The 1930s Were Way Weirder Than You Thought

Updated 3 Sep 2019 35.4k views28 items

The 1930s are like the forgotten middle child of the early 20th century. The decade is often overshadowed by the World Wars and the Roaring '20s, sometimes purposefully overlooked because of the deep, negative impacts of the Great Depression and the cultural memories associated with it. And, while the economic downturn was indeed horrible, the '30s have their own unique story of people fighting to live that everyday life – and succeeding in some pretty fun and quirky ways. 

This list is a compilation of photographs from the 1930s that shows society through a lens that isn't primarily focused on the tragedy of the Great Depression. Get a glimpse of the rise and fall of popular fads, innovative ideas, and unexpected things you'd be surprised to find in the '30s. 

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