gross 30 Things That Are Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat  

Matthew Cole Weiss
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Let's face it - the bathroom is a bevy of bacteria. Germs and bacteria such as streptococcus, E. coli, hepatitis A, common colds, and a few STDs thrive in this moldy, damp atmosphere. It's gross. You'd think the toilet seat would be public enemy number one when it comes to germs and contamination, but actually, you'd be wrong. This list of common everyday objects features all kinds of things that are actually dirtier than your toilet, and are covered in all kinds of nasty and gross germs.

Not only are there other objects in your bathroom itself that have more cooties than your porcelain throne, but there are tons of household items and every day tools that carry more germs than a toilet seat. From ATM and elevator buttons to kitchen sponges and faucet handles and even your backyard BBQ, there are germs lurking everywhere in your home, office, and most frequented public places!

So, which of these germ-ridden objects surprised you the most? Vote up the nastiest objects that you had no idea were covered in bacteria. Then go wash your hands, replace your pillows, and get rid of the biofilm in your shower. It's just as gross as it sounds.
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Ice - 70% More Germs Than Toilet Water

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The average person's ice from their freezer (we're not talking about those snobs who make ice cubes out of Evian) contains 70% more germs than their toilet water. Crushed or cubed, bacteria accumulates inside ice makers, and when mixed with the mold that often forms inside them, ice becomes a germ haven.
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Clean Laundry - 100 Million E. Coli Bacteria Per Load on Average

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Your laundry may get clean in the washing machine, but germs and bacteria stay there and thrive. Undergarments are the biggest problem considering they have traces of fecal matter. Your average wash load will transfer 100 million e. coli into the wash water which can be transferred to the next load. By the way, detergent does nothing to fight these bacteria, you must use bleach!
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Pillows - MRSA Breeding Grounds

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How often do you change your pillows? Pillows contain dust mites, skin cells, dead bugs, body secretions, and fungi which makes up for a third of the weight of your pillow. Pillows are breeding grounds for MRSA, c. diff, flu bugs and even leprosy. It's recommended to change out your pillows every six months or so.
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Restaurant Menus - 185,000 Bacteria Per Square Centimeter

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We all know menus are never cleaned, but we just put it out of our minds, don't we? How many people touch these menus each day, week, month? It's been researched, and restaurant menus have 185,000 bacteria per square centimeter! Children and those with weaker immune systems are more likely to get sick from touching menus.
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