This Movie Is Being Called The Most Insane Horror Film In Decades And The Screams Prove It

Ari Aster's 2018 film Hereditary is freaking out everyone. The movie premiered at Sundance, and the audience was not prepared for the sheer amount of terror the film presents. The two-hour long production is about spirits, hauntings, and a familial curse that just won't go away. People applaud Aster's film for its thrill and originality, but Hereditary isn't like the average scary movie about families. In fact, the film makes The Exorcist look like nothing more than a graphic children's movie.

You may not have had the privilege of seeing Hereditary at Sundance. However, you'll understand the horror various Twitter users expressed after viewing the production first-hand. Starring actress Toni Collette was a creative genius in United States of Tara and in every other role she's been cast. However, her role in Hereditary makes people wish that Collette quit acting before production of the film. It's not because her acting was horrible - rather, she was so good she gave everybody nightmares.

  • The Trailer Is Freaking Everyone Out

    The Trailer Is Freaking Everyone Out
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