Which of These Incredibly Annoying Pet Peeves Is the Worst?

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Vote up the things that drive you crazy, don't vote if they are only slightly annoying and downvote if they don't bug you at all. And rerank!

Everyone has stuff they hate... stuff that just gets under your skin more than other stuff. Sure, war and suffering is terrible and all, but don't you really hate it when someone smacks their food when they eat? Vote for the things you hate the MOST and if your pet peeve isn't here, add it to the bottom of the list!

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    When people copy your idea but get credit for it

  • 2

    People acting like they're hurt or sad just to get attention

  • 3


  • 4

    Messy / unflushed shared toilets

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  • 6

    Talking over other people

  • 7

    Invasions of personal space

  • 8

    Lack of respect for others' opinions

  • 9

    Continued arguing after being proven wrong

  • 10

    People that turn almost everything into an argument

  • 11

    Not being taken serious when I'm upset.

  • 12

    Ads popping out of nowhere

  • 13

    Stopping in the middle of a crowded path or hallway

  • 14

    Not covering mouth when someone coughs or sneezes

  • 15

    Being ignored

  • 16

    Chewing with your mouth open

  • 17

    Complainers who always find something to complain about

  • 18

    Slow Internet

  • 19

    Strong body odor

  • 20

    when people make fake rumors about you

  • 21

    Parents not seeing their children as flawed human beings

  • 22

    People who are proud of their ignorance

  • 23

    Making a big deal out of nothing

  • 24

    Unreliable people who don't follow through

  • 25

    when you ask someone for something and they do the EXACT OPPOSITE