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32 Fascinating Items Archaeologists Found Inside King Tut’s Tomb

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Tutankhamun was young when he ascended to the throne of Egypt's 18th dynasty (circa 1332 BC) - only 9 years old. He was not much older when he passed from this mortal coil. With such a brief reign - and lifetime - King Tut achieved fairly little, yet he remains one of the most well-known rulers in Egypt's history. This is because his crypt and its many priceless artifacts were largely undisturbed until 1922, when they were first uncovered by archaeologist Howard Carter.

This was a rare find, as many ancient Egyptian tombs were stripped bare throughout the centuries. Carter had been excavating Egyptian artifacts for 30 years by 1922, and it was believed that all the tombs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings had already been looted of their valuables. In fact, the entrance corridor to Tut's tomb showed evidence of being pilfered not long after the monarch was laid to rest.

In writing, drawings, and photographs, Carter made a thorough catalog of what was found in King Tut's four-chambered tomb. More than 5,000 objects were ultimately discovered, including jars of beer, wine, and oil; royal garments; canopic jars containing Tut's organs; sacred scarab jewelry composed of lapis lazuli; statues of the gods; and even Tut's two stillborn daughters. There were so many artifacts, in fact, that the Grand Egyptian Museum - now slated to open in 2021 - was created in part to showcase them all.

What was in King Tut's tomb has granted historians an invaluable glimpse into ancient Egyptian life. The following are just a few of its contents.