millennials Here Are All The Things Millennials Are Killing, According To Olds  

Mariel Loveland
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Are millennials causing society's downfall? If you asked a baby boomer, the answer is probably a resounding yes. Any non-millennial will agree that millennials are murderers. They are killing industries with their newfangled technology and ethically sourced, all-natural knives. Don't forget the fact that they're all so busy spending all their money on avocado toast that they can't really buy anything else, either - much less a home.

To baby boomers, millennials are wild cards who shoulder massive student debt while ditching the traditional nine-to-five jobs. If you've owned a house since you were the ripe old age of 27, there's no way you'd possibly relate to the fact that minimum wage hasn't increased with inflation. You're one of the oldies who could afford college on a part-time salary, so you wouldn't understand truths about millennials

Due to the differences in economy and society from the 20th to the 21st century, baby boomers and millennials have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye. In fact, there are tons of times when older generations wrongly blame millennials. However, this list outlines the times when baby boomers are right - millennials are killing certain industries and fads. Here are all the things millennials are burying out back – from fabric softener to breastaurants. Baby boomers only: vote up the best things that millennials are 

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Nine-To-Five Jobs

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It shouldn't be surprising that millennials just aren't feeling traditional nine-to-five workdays. With technology, they can log-in from anywhere (and they definitely, definitely do).  84% of millennials are "always connected" and continue to check their work emails long after their work hours. 77% of millennials feel a flexible work schedule allows them to be more productive. So, they're definitely not working less (how could they, when they're generally paid less than baby boomers were at their age?), but millennials are blurring the lines of work and home life. 

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The Diamond Industry

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Millennials aren't really getting married like their elders, and if they are, they're not buying diamonds. Chalk this up to a difference in values. Millennials spend their money on travel rather than material goods and have ethical problems regarding the way diamonds are mined. Even cruelty-free diamonds come with a hefty price tag that many millennials would rather spend paying off their crippling student loan debt. 

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According to research by Pornhub, millennials are not anywhere near as into boobs as their elders. This has caused a decline in "breastaurants" like Hooters, and hundreds of chesty servers are finding their jobs at risk. According to the study, visitors between the ages of 18 and 24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts which correlates to a 7% drop in Hooters revenue. Ouch. Maybe millennials are all butt people, or maybe they're just not into overpriced hot wings. 

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Chain Restaurants

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Restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebees are in trouble and everyone's blaming millennials. Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith believes millennials are largely at fault for their decline in sales. She writes, “Millennial consumers are more attracted than their elders to cooking at home, ordering delivery from restaurants, and eating quickly, in fast-casual or quick-serve restaurants."

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