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Everything That Happened To The Interviewer After 'Interview with the Vampire'

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Interview with the Vampire was released in 1994, but it's such a hugely influential movie that it's still worth discussing today. While the movie itself was very profitable, earning Warner Bros. more than 210 million, the box office returns only tell part of the film's success story. Interview with the Vampire might not have invented the idea of the sexy vampire, but it definitely paved the way for today's franchises like Twilight, True Blood, and more. 

Main characters Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Louis (Brad Pitt) tend to get the most attention, but Interview with the Vampire has plenty of interesting characters, particularly in Anne Rice's subsequent books. One character with a surprisingly deep biography is Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater), the titular interviewer who gets Louis to tell him his life story. Molloy is obsessed with vampires and becoming one, and when the film ends, he sets out to find Lestat. 

If you only saw Interview with the Vampire, that's where Molloy's story ends. But the character appears in two more of Anne Rice's books, The Queen of the Damned and Blood and Gold, while being mentioned in a third, The Vampire Armand. In them, Molloy gets deeper and deeper into the vampire world and winds up forever changed. 

Here's everything that happens to Interview with the Vampire interviewer Daniel Molloy after the movie ends. 

  • After The Interview, Daniel Molloy Heads To New Orleans To Find Lestat

    In the book version of events, Daniel spends an entire night listening to Louis's story, but it's only Louis's demonstration of his power that makes Daniel truly obsessed with finding vampires. When Louis nearly drains Daniel's life force, it's enough to convince him of the vampire community's power over immortality. But it also makes him want immortality for himself. So he drives to New Orleans, hoping to find Lestat, the vampire who created Louis, and convince Lestat to grant him immortality as well. 

  • Lestat Is Nowhere To Be Found, But Daniel Discovers The Vampire Armand Instead

    Daniel locates Lestat's mansion and finds him long gone, but the mansion isn't deserted. Shortly after Daniel arrives, he's imprisoned by Armand. Armand is the oldest of the vampires, having been turned about 500 years ago, and he struggles the most with adapting to modern life. Antonio Banderas plays him in the film. 

    Daniel really only wants to be granted immortality, which Armand denies him at first. Armand then discovers that Daniel is writing a book that will expose the vampires' secrets, which would ordinarily be enough for Armand to kill him. But Armand finds Daniel too interesting to kill. 


  • Armand Is Fascinated With Daniel And Begins Following Him Around The World

    As an immortal stuck in a 16th-century mentality, Armand finds Daniel to be a curiosity. He allows Daniel to leave Lestat's crumbling mansion, but only because he wants to watch what Daniel does next. Daniel tries his best to lose Armand, but the vampire always manages to find him anywhere in the world. Armand follows him to Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, and even Boston, often waking him in the middle of the night in his hotel rooms.  

    Armand is a 500-year-old vampire who turned when he was 17, which means he hasn't had many of life's experiences. Eventually, Armand realizes that Daniel can be his link to the mortal world.

  • Daniel And Armand Become Lovers

    Armand pursues Daniel like this for years. While Daniel is mostly fearful that Armand will eventually kill him, Armand also represents his only link to immortality. Furthermore, their connection allows Armand to share visions of the world and events with Daniel. Over time, Daniel becomes obsessed with Armand.

    Meanwhile, Armand's fascination with Daniel and his modern life leaves him equally obsessed. After four years of mutual obsession/repulsion, Armand and Daniel finally give in and became secret lovers. They exchange small amounts of blood - not enough for Daniel to turn vampire - and begin their relationship.