Everything We Know About 'Kingdom Hearts III'

It's hard to believe it's been 13 years, and Kingdom Hearts II is finally going to receive a sequel. We still don't know everything about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, but tidbits about the game have been leaking out for quite some time. Now that we've finally come to the reported year of its release we find ourselves with a few solid details, and a collection of burning questions.

The Kingdom Hearts fan base is as rabid as any (as evidenced by the compendium of Kingdom Hearts fan art), so it's about time they got some answers about what kinds of Keyblades they should expect to see and which beloved characters will be returning.

Beware, there are some mild spoilers for the game franchise ahead.


  • It Seems Donald And Goofy May Be Able To Remain In Your Party At All Times

    Sora's teammates, Donald and Goofy, seem to remain in your party in most worlds. This would be a stark departure from past titles, where they would've been forcibly swapped out. This trio has already been seen in five-person parties, fighting alongside Woody and Buzz, Rapunzel and Flynn, and Mike and Sully. This would allow players to level up the two fighters, uninterrupted.  

  • It's Possible All Seven Guardians Of Light Will Team Up At Once

    One gameplay still clearly shows a party of five facing off against an army of foes. The heroic team is comprised of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Woody, and Buzz. This means the party cap limit has been increased to at least five, and may not have a limit at all.

    It's conceivable they would allow for a group of seven in particular boss battles, namely when the Seven Guardians of Light face off against the 13 Darknesses.

  • Keyblades May Work Differently From Previous Titles

    It seems Sora doesn't have to completely clear a world before acquiring its specific Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III. One trailer depicts Sora wielding the Monsters Inc. Keyblade while battling through the area's stages. It seems safe to assume gamers will receive a world-specific Keyblade earlier than they would have in the past.

  • Sora's New Power Forms Include A Devastating Hammer And Drill

    The Toy Story world segments have showcased some incredible combat, specifically Sora's new power form. This new fighting mechanic allows the hero to transform his Keyblade into a giant hammer, delivering smashing attacks with a significant radius.

    The Keyblade can also turn into a drill, which replaces traditional dodging with rapid underground travel in short bursts. Animations like this make combat a much richer experience, and each world seems to allow for greater transformation variety.

  • There Will Be At Least One Entirely New Form Of Combat, And Likely More

    There's quite a bit to unpack in the revealing Toy Story world footage. At one point in the trailer, we get to see Sora enter a gigantic mech. Following this, the view shifts to first person, and the player is suddenly the pilot of a big suit of armor, not unlike in Titanfall. In this mode, you attack with various guns, eject (again, like Titanfall), and finally return to standard combat. It seems likely other worlds will offer their own unique spin on traditional Kingdom Hearts battle mechanics.

  • There Will Be At Least Eight Worlds

    Considering Kingdom Hearts II had 15 worlds, it seems likely the third installment in the series will have more than eight (but only eight have been confirmed). Those include Mount Olympus from Hercules, Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, Andy's House from Toy Story, and a Monster's Inc. world. Returning worlds from Kingdom Hearts II are Twilight Town, Yen Sid's Tower, and Old Mansion.

    It's also rumored Shibuya from The World Ends With You, and a Frozen themed world might be included as well. There are also areas that appeared in the first two games, like 100 Acre Wood, that could come back, even though they've yet to be confirmed. However, Kingdom Hearts III may have less worlds than its predecessors, so there's no guarantee unconfirmed worlds will return.