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At E3 2017, Nintendo made a big announcement: a major Pokémon game is coming to the Switch. A brief discussion about Pokkén Tournament DX coming to the console abruptly turned into the announcement of a mainline Pokémon RPG, which sparked excitement in nerds around the world. After realizing that a 2018 release date for the new Pokémon game is totally a possibility, fans have been dying to learn more about the upcoming game.

What is the next Pokémon going to be? Although little information has been given to the public about the upcoming RPG, since the birth of Nintendo's handheld/home console hybrid, gamers have known that the platform presents a new realm of opportunities for the Pokémon franchise to conquer. The device's ability to connect to external toys and devices only fires up the anticipation for an all-new Pokémon Switch 2018 title.

The Upcoming Game Could Be The Long-Rumored 'Pokémon Stars'

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Around the time that Pokémon Sun and Moon were being developed, rumors abounded of a third skew, which would be titled Pokémon Stars. Gaming media outlet Eurogamer made the report that Pokémon Stars would be an expansion of the two 3DS games, similarly to how Pokémon Crystal expanded upon Gold and Silver.

However, those rumors never came true, and fans were instead presented with Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon. Perhaps Pokémon Stars never existed, or was scrapped in favor of the more incremental releases, but many are hoping that a definitive version of the Generation VII games is headed to the Switch. 

Large-Scale Multiplayer Is A Possibility

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Since the days of the link cable, multiplayer Pokémon battles have been a key aspect of the series. Considering the explosive popularity of 2016's Pokémon GO, it makes sense that The Pokémon Company's CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, is toying with the concept of incorporating augmented reality or smart phone connectivity into the upcoming Pokémon Switch game. 

Ishihara believes that we've reached an age in gaming where people can "go home and play with everyone," and is trying to figure out the best ways to expand upon the multiplayer aspects of the franchise. Since the Nintendo Switch does not have the "Street Pass" feature that allows 3DS players to battle strangers in their surrounding area, a phone app would be a great way to help players connect in the real world. Additionally, a home console Pokémon RPG could facilitate local multiplayer much better than any handheld release. 

Nintendo Released A Line Of Pokémon Merchandise Called 'Look Upon The Stars'

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To add fuel to the idea that the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game might be the long-rumored Pokémon Stars, in 2017, Nintendo released a line of merchandise titled 'Look Upon the Stars'.

Going along with the Pokémon's recent celestial theme, the new apparel potentially gives eager gamers subtle hints towards a future release of Pokémon Stars. Fans are thinkning that the star-themed merch is a tease of what's to come for Pokémon games.

Additional Peripherals Aren't Out Of The Question

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The possibility of extra peripherals for the upcoming Pokémon game on Nintendo Switch seems more likely with each passing day. In the past, Nintendo hasn't shied away from creating accessories to go with their Pokémon pals (such as the Pokéwalker), but interviews haven't revealed any clues as to whether or not Nintendo plans on including any cool, interactive trinkets with the upcoming game. 

The Pokémon Company's CEO likes thinks that additional peripherals are worth exploring, and with the announcement of Nintendo Labo — cardboard peripherals that easily attach to the Switch — it seems likely that the Pokémon creators have something special in the works.