Weird History

Production Details That Should Get You Excited For 'Rocketman'

Sir Elton John is one of the most famous singer/songwriters to have ever lived. A film entitled Rocketman starring Taron Egerton retells the highlights of John’s career in a way that lives up to the eccentric entertainer’s penchant for dramatic flair.

The film is not a traditional biopic, even though it is based on actual events, and audiences should expect the movie to be more of a cinematic musical with themes that are not suitable for young children.

The highs and lows of superstardom hit John especially hard throughout his multi-decade long career. Given how John has recorded numerous successful albums, there should be no shortage of songs for the film to tell the turbulent, larger-than-life tale of lust, parties, and rock-and-roll.

Some of the original material was re-recorded for the film, much to John's excitement. Fans interested in the production of Rocketman are sure to enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the first-of-its-kind musical.