Unspeakable Times

The Disturbing Capital Punishment Case Of Cameron Todd Willingham

In 1991, a tragic fire burned down a house in Corsicana, Texas, and killed three children. Cameron Todd Willingham, the father of the kids, was quickly found guilty in the aftermath and was executed for the crime in 2004. His death was one of the most controversial US death penalty cases in history. In the years leading up to his execution, and even after, evidence has been mounting that addresses a pressing question: was Cameron Todd Willingham really guilty? 

There is plenty of evidence that points toward Willingham being innocent. From weird witness testimonies to a jailhouse snitch who got a secret deal, there are many factors that make Willingham's guilt questionable. In the minds of many, all of the unearthed evidence over the years shows that Texas killed an innocent man for what may very well have been an accident. Even Cameron Todd Willingham's last words proclaimed his innocence, and he's certainly not the first person to be potentially falsely accused. Read on below to discover the disturbing facts that make Willingham's guilt questionable.