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Historians Now Agree The Garden Of Eden Was Almost Definitely Located In Iraq

Updated 23 Jan 2018 81.3k views12 items

What happened to the Garden of Eden? This question has plagued many to go searching for the location of the fabled garden, and as such people have nominated places as crazy as Mars and Missouri as its source, while many scholars believe it never existed at all. Certain descriptions in Genesis leave only a few locations that fit the given criteria: the Armenian Highlands of Eastern Turkey (around where Noah might have landed after the flood), Northeast Africa (the ancestral home of man where Moses supposedly parted the Red Sea), and Jerusalem, even though the Bible describes Eden as east of Jerusalem.

But that leaves us still asking the question: where exactly does the Bible say the Garden of Eden is? Though no single place seems to fit all of the rules, biblical, mythological, and archeological evidence points to Southern Iraq. So, was the Garden of Eden in Iraq? It's not that farfetched, really. With the recent discovery of ancient settlements from before 6,000 BCE, scholars are gathering evidence to show that Eden was a real place that played an important role in forming advanced civilization throughout the Fertile Crescent.

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