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There's Evidence Ancient People In Mesopotamia Were Aliens And Al-Qaeda Was Made To Keep It A Secret 

Erin Wisti
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Evidence of aliens is always a little shaky, but that doesn't stop believers from spinning some pretty wild theories. According to one theory, tablets discovered in Mesopotamia in the 1800s indicate ancient Mesopotamians were actually human-alien hybrids. What's even weirder? Advocates believe Al-Qaeda deliberately destroyed proof of aliens

Where's the proof that ancient Mesopotamians were aliens? Some of it was looted from the National Museum in Iraq in 2003, possibly in an effort to cover up the area's extraterrestrial origin. However, Mesopotamian artifacts, mummies, and myths have also been cited as evidence the region was founded by aliens searching for gold. Whether you believe the story or not, it's a pretty wild tale that can be amusing to read up on.

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The Tablets Predate The Bible

Even those who believe in the existence of extraterrestrials don't always agree on the Mesopotamian origin story. While some nonbelievers feel the ancient Mesopotamians drew from universal symbols and motifs, advocates of the ancient alien theory have an entirely different understanding about the cuneiform tablets.

Ardent supporters substantiate their claims by pointing out that these tablets predate the Bible. Seemingly, this could mean the alien stories are actually true or based on truth. Perhaps all of the Bible stories are based on alien encounters.

An Ancient Flood Could Prove The Link Between Mankind And Aliens
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Photo: Sebastian Muenster/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Evidence exists of a great flood in an ancient Sumerian city that dates back to 2900 BCE, and some ancient alien scholars believe this could provide evidence that mankind derived from aliens. Some Sumerian legends speak of a flood caused by an angry God, which has parallels to the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. In both stories, one human is chosen to build a boat and save select people and animals from drowning. 

Noah's Ark Could Have Been A Spaceship

Advocates of the Mesopotamian alien theory suggest that Noah's Ark may actually have been a spaceship. Instead of sailing around tumultuous waters, mankind could have briefly relocated to space to survive.

It's unclear if any animals would've been on this journey, but the theory posits the account in the Bible was actually based on extraterrestrial events. According to the theory, it was aliens who saved the human race instead of an omnipresent deity. 

A Mesopotamian Mummy Has A Suspiciously Large Skull
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Photo: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek/Richard Mortel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

During excavations of the Mesopotamian city of Ur, archaeologists discovered the remains of the ancient ruler Queen Puabi. Some reports claim the body had an unusually large skull. Believers feel this is evidence of extraterrestrial life, as the Anunnaki allegedly had cone-shaped heads.