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There's Evidence Ancient People In Mesopotamia Were Aliens And Al-Qaeda Was Made To Keep It A Secret

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Evidence of aliens is always a little shaky, but that doesn't stop believers from spinning some pretty wild theories. According to one theory, tablets discovered in Mesopotamia in the 1800s indicate ancient Mesopotamians were actually human-alien hybrids. What's even weirder? Advocates believe Al-Qaeda deliberately destroyed proof of aliens. 

Where's the proof that ancient Mesopotamians were aliens? Some of it was looted from the National Museum in Iraq in 2003, possibly in an effort to cover up the area's extraterrestrial origin. However, Mesopotamian artifacts, mummies, and myths have also been cited as evidence the region was founded by aliens searching for gold. Whether you believe the story or not, it's a pretty wild tale that can be amusing to read up on.

  • The Theory Grew From Texts Discovered In The 1800s

    Photo: Daderot / Wikimedia Commons / CC0 1.0

    The theory stems from ancient Babylonian texts discovered by British archeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard in 1849. While excavating a library in Nineveh, he discovered cuneiform tablets that date back to the seventh century. They allegedly detail how humanity was created by spiritual creatures known as the Anunnaki. Believers in ancient aliens think the Anunnaki were actually extraterrestrials and the stories found in the texts are historical fact rather than mythology.

  • The Tablets May Have Been Stolen To Cover Up Proof Of Alien Life

    The cuneiform tablets were stolen in 2003, shortly after the US invasion of Iraq. Looters took these and other artifacts from the National Museum. But some claim the looting appeared to be coordinated and deliberate rather than random chaos resulting from war. 

    The looters reportedly wore earpieces and strategically stormed the museum as if they were searching for specific objects. This has led to speculation the looters were specifically removing evidence of the region’s potential alien origins.

  • Believers Think Humans Descended From Alien Hybrids

    Photo: COSMO GANDI / Flickr / CC0 1.0

    According to this theory, the earliest people were alien-human hybrids created in Mesopotamia because the Anunnaki were trying to create docile workers on Earth. They spliced their own genes with a hominid female and, after many trials, created the first people.

    Advocates of the theory point out there were a lot of advancements in technology, science, and art during ancient times in Mesopotamia. These strides seemingly came out of nowhere and people developed knowledge of things like star systems that would be difficult to comprehend without modern technology. According to believers, the Mesopotamians gained this knowledge because aliens granted them extra intelligence and skills.

  • Information On The Tablets Seems Related To The Story Of Creation

    Not everyone is convinced the cuneiform tablets show evidence of ancient aliens. Some skeptics believe the stories in the texts are merely a creation myth, similar to the stories in the Book of Genesis.

    The tablets describe Earth being made from a watery abyss and people created in the images of gods. These stories are very similar to the formation of the Earth and the tale of Adam and Even in Judeo-Christian tradition.