12 Times People Encountered The Grim Reaper

Death has many faces. Throughout history death has appeared in various forms, from Anubis to Odin. Most frequently, death is portrayed as the Grim Reaper, a ghostly being in a black cloak who arrives to usher someone off to death. 

And like sightings of demons and time travelers, there are numerous stories from people who claim to have encountered the Grim Reaper. There are even possibly photos of the Grim Reaper. But whether or not you believe these photos of ghosts and vampires, something is probably lurking in the dark watching you.

  • A Tiny Grim Reaper Watched Him Sleep

    A Tiny Grim Reaper Watched Him Sleep
    Photo: Orion Pictures

    In 2011 an anonymous poster on a message board claimed they saw what looked like the grim reaper in their bedroom one night. Although instead of the gaunt, towering figure we're used to hearing about, this reaper was closer to a character from a Terry Gilliam film. "The thing was maybe four feet tall, it wore a black cloak with a pointy hat, and its face was a black void of nothingness.  I remember seeing and feeling some sort of an energy transfer, like it was sucking on me in some way." 

    The next day the poster assumed they had simply had a nightmare, but they later learned members of their family had similar experiences. "Days after this happened I told one of my direct blood relatives that I had seen a creature that I could only describe as looking like a grim reaper.  This person drew a picture of it for me and it looked EXACTLY like what I had seen." Might this family be haunted by a tiny reaper, hell-bent on sucking out their souls? Or has the world been getting the visage of Death wrong this entire time?

  • The Grim Reaper Also Comes For Puppies

    The Grim Reaper Also Comes For Puppies
    Photo: AB Svensk Filmindustri

    Redditor Vault32 is certain they saw the Grim Reaper one night when they were sleeping in their room with a basket of puppies. According to the Reddit post, their mother was a cocker spaniel breeder and after a new batch of puppies was born she allowed her son to sleep with them in the room. Unfortunately, in the middle of the night three puppies died and a skeletal, shadowy monster showed up to claim their little spaniel souls while scaring the bejeezus out of a little kid. "The thing pulled back from the basket and spun around, this skull in a cloak, like it was on all fours, but I didn't see hands on the ground. And it started coming towards me, working its jaw. I remember it grinning, I remember it hanging open. It skittered across the 10 to 12 feet from the door to my bedside. I hid under my blanket." 

  • The Grim Reaper Might Be Into Feet

    The Grim Reaper Might Be Into Feet
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    A woman named Brook believes she ran afoul of the Reaper, or a reaper-like entity that liked to spend its time playing with her and her roommate's feet while they slept. That's not so weird, but one night she had a one-on-one encounter with the entity that was enough to freak her out for the rest of her life. After returning home from work she had a feeling she wasn't alone in her apartment, when she went to check her answering machine things turned weird. "All of sudden, something or someone tapped me very hard three times on my right shoulder. Frightened, I didn't dare to turn around. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a long bony finger with three raised bony knuckles. The apparition was kind of cartoonish in that it was blue and green but real bright. I stood still and really didn't know what to do. Then I heard a voice that haunts me to this day. 'NOBODY'S HOME' it said in a deep guttural angry tone."

  • When The Grim Reaper Comes For Your Roomie

    When The Grim Reaper Comes For Your Roomie
    Photo: Columbia Pictures

    While spending some time in the hospital for an unknown illness, one single mother had an experience that definitely made her fear the Reaper. This sick mother's hospital roommate was a terminally ill woman who hadn't said anything the entire time they were sharing a room, but then came the night before the mother was meant to be discharged.

    "I was awakened by a voice in my room. It was a woman's voice but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I opened my eyes but there was no one in the room, just me and my roommate, who was incoherent the entire time we shared our room. Assuming it was a nurse in the hall, I tried falling back asleep. Suddenly, there was a loud, frantic voice shouting, 'NO, NO YOU CANT TAKE ME! I WONT GO!' I opened open my eyes again and the room was much, much darker and my roommate was sitting straight up in her bed, screaming with complete and utter conviction towards the foot of her bed, almost like a child objecting to bed time. She crying, still sitting straight up, looking at something, listening very intently for what seemed like forever. She began to whisper 'yes' and 'no' between whimpers and then she laid back down and I watched the darkness leave the room." 

  • The Grim Reaper Will Visit The Entire Family

    The Grim Reaper Will Visit The Entire Family
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    When Ashley Dawn was 12 she had an experience at her grandmother's home similar to other stories included here. She woke up from a deep sleep to find herself surrounded by several small apparitions she believed to be angels, and a dark figure she believed to be the Grim Reaper. "That's when I turned and saw it beside my bed. There stood a small, dark figure, about three feet in height, wearing a black cloak with a hood, no face, about two feet from my face. It looked like a small grim reaper without the blade. I was in shock but not scared. I looked at it for about a minute, and then it turned, glided out of my room. I got out of my bed and followed it down the hall to my grandmother's room, where it faded away."

    It turns out her grandmother had been seeing the apparitions as well, and she had been trying to communicate with them. A year after the experience Ashley's grandmother died of complications from pneumonia and that was the last time she saw any of the apparitions. 

  • Man Ignores Grim Reaper While Searching For Cell Phone

    Man Ignores Grim Reaper While Searching For Cell Phone
    Photo: 20th Television

    A man living in New Mexico believes he ran afoul of the Grim Reaper one night after he woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On his way back to bed he saw something that unfortunately he couldn't illuminate because of his missing cellphone. "I got cold and felt someone looking at me. I turned and noticed a dark, hooded figure standing next to my bed. I felt my heart start pounding. The hood was forward so the face couldn't be seen. The hole (where the face would be) in the hood was noticeably darker than the hood. One arm, or shall I say sleeve, was at its side. I reached to my headboard where my cellphone was charging and didn't feel my cell phone. I looked away from the figure to see where my cell phone was and when I looked back... The figure was gone." 

    The next time you try to buy a cellphone off Craigslist keep in mind that you might be purchasing a stolen product from the physical manifestation of death.