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The Most Evil Alternate Versions Of Superheroes

When it comes to the minds behind DC and Marvel Comics, they don't like to let a good idea go to waste. Why have one Batman when you can have a Batman Family or a bunch of metal Bat-characters? Why have a single Spider-Man when you can have an entire Spider-Verse? But in the vast multiverses of these two comic book titans, there are also evil alternate versions of superheroes.

Whether a key moment in the superpowered person's history changes everything and sets them on a darker path, or the world is simply one where evil and villainy run rampant, comics history is full of flipped versions of your favorite heroes. There are multiple evil alternate versions of Batman, and there's more than one evil alternate Superman. And though pretty much every Spider-Person is a hero, there are even evil alternate versions of Spider-Man.

  • Photo: DC

    Some alternate stories imagine what would happen if one thing changed in the origin story of a superhero. On Earth 3, however, Kal-Il, the Last Son of Krypton, is bad from the start. In this world, Kryptonians gain power from their own world, and Jor-Il is hardly a good guy.

    When a mysterious being he helps bring to the world starts wreaking havoc, Jor-Il sends his son to Earth. On the way, the child is immersed in propaganda and taught to be strong no matter what. He lands on Earth and, using the power he gains from Kryptonite, forces the Kents to be his parents. By age 7, though, he slays them and burns their farm down, beginning his life of evil.

    As Ultraman, he slays the president of the US and leads the offense Syndicate, an evil version of the Justice League.

  • Superwoman

    Photo: DC

    Like Ultraman, Superwoman (of Earth 3) first appears in 2013's Justice League #23. An Amazonian named Lois Lane, Superwoman has heat vision, super-strength, and flight. But instead of a Lasso of Truth, her barbed lariat is one of submission, forcing those ensnared in it to love Superwoman.

    As a member of the Syndicate, Superwoman is about as evil as they come. Though she has relationships with both Ultraman and Owlman, she also cavorts with Alexander Luthor, a vicious "hero" on Earth 3 and the eventual father of her child.

  • Photo: DC

    Not to be confused with the Watchmen character of the same name (and from the same publisher), Earth 3's Owlman is Thomas Wayne, Jr. But rather than see his parents slain in an alley, the young Wayne orders the offing himself to take control of their wealth. He doesn't carry it out, however, as he's too busy taking the life of his younger brother, Bruce. Instead, loyal butler Alfred does the deed.

    After such a bleak origin, it's no surprise that Wayne eventually becomes a villain, takes over Gotham, and joins the Syndicate. Oh, and he also slays the family of Richard Grayson to manipulate the boy into becoming his sidekick.

  • Johnny Quick

    Photo: DC

    Earth 3's Johnny Quick may borrow his name from a Golden Age DC hero, but this member of the Syndicate is about as far removed from his namesake as possible. Johnny Allen, like his future teammates, is already a villain when he gains superpowers.

    While fleeing a holdup, he and his girlfriend get hit by lightning on the roof of STAR Labs. They gain superpowers, with Allen becoming Johnny Quick and his girlfriend becoming the size-changing Atomica. They join the Syndicate, where their appetites for evil are constantly fed.