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The Most Ridiculous Inanimate Objects To Ever Come To Life And Feast On Human Suffering

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When it comes to horror movies, nothing is safe. Not even simple, everyday objects. Evil beds, bloodthirsty tires, killer elevators - all are examples of everyday objects that were turned into evil entities thanks to malevolent forces, crazy curses, or terrible writing.

Here is a small sampling of everyday objects that went from helpful to harmful in the blink of an eye. Vote up the most ridiculous objects of pure evil.

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    Letterboxd review from Bardot4AllUKnow:

    Whenever I hear someone say there is no such thing as a perfect movie, I will now need to respond... but have you seen Death Bed? What impossible dream did this auteur have in mind when he thought of a serial killer bed? How cheap was the budget? How much weed did he smoke before writing this? This all runs through my head as I watch a piece of furniture dissolve people alive.

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  • Letterboxd review from aphstrummer0:

    Definitely the best movie about a killer laundromat I've seen or heard of, and I've spend a lot of time at the laundromat. Too much time.

    This one is just batsh*t, and stupid, and weird, kinda like me, so I guess I'll give it a break. For me, it's not a movie to watch after a few drinks... I felt as though I had fell into a dragging tedious hellscape that was a laundromat.

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  • Letterboxd review from raspberrycowboy:

    What if Harmony Korine directed a grindhouse flick?

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    A Bulldozer In 'Killdozer!'

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    Letterboxd review from Book of Eibon:

    "Something's wrong, machines just don't run by themselves..."

    This is a cheesy '70s made-for-TV movie, but I really liked how the massive bulldozer peeked around corners and even pulled off some sneaky surprise attacks!

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