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The Most Ridiculous Inanimate Objects To Ever Come To Life And Feast On Human Suffering

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Vote up the most laughable evil objects to ever become sentient.

When it comes to horror movies, nothing is safe. Not even simple, everyday objects. Evil beds, bloodthirsty tires, killer elevators - all are examples of everyday objects that were turned into evil entities thanks to malevolent forces, crazy curses, or terrible writing.

Here is a small sampling of everyday objects that went from helpful to harmful in the blink of an eye. Vote up the most ridiculous objects of pure evil.

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    A Recliner In 'Killer Sofa'

    A recliner containing a dybbuk falls in love with its owner and becomes homicidal whenever potential suitors gets too close. 

    Letterboxd review from kaleb:

    Is this absolutely, painfully, awful? Yes.
    Should you watch it? Yes.
    Will you regret watching it? Yes.

  • Letterboxd review from Justin L:

    Come for the killer jeans dismembering exploitative capitalists and stay for the footage of behind-the-scenes pants puppeteers in the end credits...

  • Letterboxd review from matt l.:

    Yet another excuse to not go to the gym.

  • Letterboxd review from Tears_in_Rain:

    Well, I'll be d*mned! Sion Sono made a J-Horror version of The Peanut Butter Solution. Oh, you think I'm kidding? I'm just trying to be clever, or witty? I'm just making that connection because of the hair thing? No, I'm dead serious...