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The Top 30 Times Superheroes Went Bad 

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"With great power comes great responsibility." Yeah, that's all well and good but no one is perfect. Ranker Comics has gathered thirty different times the good guys crossed the line and became the bad guys! Sometimes it's a lapse in judgement and other times it's just flat out insanity. No one said being a hero was going to be easy!

Which comic book characters and superheroes became the most evil? Make sure you vote up the most evil superhero transformations below! These heroes have all had a long day and are a little cranky - so make sure you show them so love.

Jean Grey
Jean Grey is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 30 Times Superheroes Went Bad
Photo:  Marvel Comics

It's not hard to argue that The Dark Phoenix Saga is Jean Grey's most memorable moment in X-Men history. 

It started in X-Men #129, when Mastermind started seducing Jean into becoming the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. After Mastermind's hold on Jean fails, she succumbs to the full power of the Phoenix and becomes Dark Phoenix. While on her rampage, she flies into space and kills an entire planet full of sentient life. While Jean's human side is temporary in control, she opts to disintegrate herself instead of continuing her madness. 

Don't worry. She got better. 
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Robin is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Top 30 Times Superheroes Went Bad
Photo:  DC Comics

Jason Todd was always a cranky kid. Being the second Robin, he had to live in the shadow of Dick Grayson and also had a crummy home life before becoming Bruce Wayne's ward. Fans were sick of his attitude and voted to have him killed in Death in the Family

When Superboy punched reality (we know, bear with us - it's comics), Jason was brought back to life. Ticked off at Batman for not avenging his death, he donned the Red Hood persona and started cleaning up Gotham with a pair of Glocks. Now less murderous, Red Hood is more of an anti-hero and works with Batman in current continuity.
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Archangel is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Top 30 Times Superheroes Went Bad
Photo:  IDW Publishing

While Angel was with X-Factor, his wings were crippled by the Marauder Harpoon during the Mutant Massacre. After the wings developed gangrene, Warren's business-enemy signed the documents to have them amputated. Grief stricken, decides to travel in his private jet. However, before the Jet explodes, Warren is whisked away by Apocalypse. 

Apocalypse offers Angel the chance to get his wings back if he will serve as his Horseman of Death (noticing a trend yet?). Warren agrees and is outfitted with metal wings that can shoot razor sharp feathers and undergoes mental conditioning to make him all the more evil. 
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Spider-Man is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Top 30 Times Superheroes Went Bad
Photo:  Marvel Comics

During Marvel's Secret Wars story line, Peter Parker got himself a stylish new black costume. It turns out that the costume was actually a living symbiote that, while looking super cool, made Peter a total jerk. With the help of Mr. Fantastic, Parker forcibly removes the costume and is rid of it's negative affect on him.

However, the symbiote later escapes and attaches to Eddie Brock who would become Venom. One could argue that is an even bigger negative effect on Spider-Man's life. 
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