"Crazy" Girlfriends Tell Their Side of the Story

Have you ever heard crazy ex-girlfriend stories from your guy friends? Or perhaps you were dating a guy only to eventually discover that he was haunted by ex-girlfriends of relationships past? Well if you've ever found yourself in such a situation, you may have also had a nagging feeling that you may or may not have been hearing the entire story, a theory which a recent r/AskReddit thread set out to prove, with startling results. 

When asked to tell their version of past relationships gone bad, tons of so-called "crazy exes" answered the call and proved that things aren't always what they initially seem. Here you'll find a wide range of people who explain their behavior through a series of harrowing tales that range from addicted boyfriends to undiagnosed mental disorders to the simple fact that they wanted their sh*t back. 

So whether you've ever been accused of being a crazy ex yourself and are looking for validation that you're not alone or have just wondered what goes on in the minds of women who men you've known have assured you were too much, you'll find enlightenment below. Some of these stories may not be pretty, but they're guaranteed to inform and make you reconsider who's really the "crazy" one in many situations.

  • "I had a miscarriage..."

    "In October of last year I had a miscarriage. I cried for the first two nights and on the third one my boyfriend said it was time to start getting over it. Here I am thinking we're in the same boat and seeing him as my strength to only hear him say "Get over it".

    Gawd it destroyed me.  He said it was because he didn't want to face it and seeing me like that was a constant reminder but I truly lost so much respect for him after that." 

  • "[He] broke up with me at [my mom's] funeral..."

    "My mom died. You broke up with me at her funeral. I feel like I was a tiny bit justified." 
  • "If you try to put something in my mouth that I don't want there...."

    "If you try to put something in my mouth that I don't want there, for any reason, I'm going to bite it."
  • "What else was I supposed to do when the guy you're seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl?

    "I was meeting his friends for the first time. We all went out and then came back to his house for drinks. I'm talking to his friends getting to know them and being social. He's upstairs and talking to another friend. Girl walks in and goes up stairs. I think nothing of it until his friend comes down and I'm being directed elsewhere.

    I realize they're trying to distract me and of course since I'd been drinking everything was a lot bigger of a deal. I throw a fit and go and knock at the LOCKED door and might've started screaming because what else was I supposed to do when the guy you're seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl? I'm humiliated, can't be talked down and am alone 'cause they're all his friends. Screaming, crying and the like."

  • "He was addicted to heroin for years..."

    "He was addicted to heroin for years and THAT'S why I was blowing up his phone constantly. I never told anyone what was going on with him but if he wasn't where he said he was he most likely had a needle in his arm. Back before he got sober he let people think that I was just obsessive when in actuality I was legitimately worried about him.

    Doesn't really matter now, we don't talk to any of those people anymore but my reputation still stands."

  • "He cheated on me with my best friend of eight years..."

    "My first serious boyfriend. He cheated on me with my best friend of eight years. I was so devastated. The worst part was that they didn't seem to care. They just shrugged their shoulders... I didn't have anyone to vent to so it just built up inside me, so I spent a year trying to rebuild my friendship with my ex bestie, then I invited her to a sleep over, just like old times.

    We put on some hair masks that are supposed to condition your hair, but I filled hers with hair removal cream. She lost all her hair that was originally down past her waist, except for about 2 inches on the very top. I saw her in a store about a month ago after not seeing her for four years, and she's kept it short ever since.

    We were best friends, but she was a huge 'Regina George' type of girl and I worshipped her out of fear of being an outcast and also because she was popular. I was the butt of every joke, and she bullied me in front of others and passed it off as playful banter. It was better to be her friend and look up to her, than to stand up to her and have her ruin your entire life. Previously we'd been a group of four but one of the other girls dated a boy that Maria liked, so she called the police and told them he was a drug dealer and that he had threatened us by holding a knife to our throats. She also told the school that another girl's dad was a rapist after the girl reported her for bullying, and we all had to go in for interviews. This was before we had even turned 14 and she went on like this for years.

    The hair situation happened after years of this kind of behaviour. I had only stuck by her out of the fact no one wanted to be my friend as a result of being around her and I was basically Maria's little side kick. I was totally under her spell and her parents would constantly tell me what a good person I was for 'looking after her when everyone else was out to get her,' which basically proved how much they didn't even understand her. Also, sometimes Maria would tell people her mother was dead for no apparent reason and when I asked her why she said this, she said 'because sometimes it's funny'.

    As soon as the first few clumps of hair came out in my fingers I felt totally sick. I was literally preparing to run because I thought she was going to beat the sh*t out of me. I just kept rubbing it out of her scalp and said 'Maria, it's falling out. Your hair, look.'

    She went to the mirror and she just laughed and said 'You so did that on purpose. You so did, didn't you?' I said 'Yes, I did it on purpose but I don't care', my face must have been the color of paper and I was totally bawling my eyes out because I was legit scared of her.

    I told her she was a bitch and went through the times she had tried to ruin people's lives, told her that she was a bitch for calling people rapists and murderers and drug dealers and that she owes so many people apologies. Maria started crying and started coming out with how I was her best friend and how we always 'stuck together' and that I should know how hard her life at home was without her sister and mum. Her sister moved out about a year before and she told everyone she had died also, I have no idea why she did this. Her mum and sister are definitely not dead.

    I said 'You're a compulsive liar and you don't even know it. Your mum and sister aren't dead, X persons's dad wasn't a rapist, Y person wasn't a drug dealer and he never tried to kill us, but you totally ruined their lives.' The next year of our relationship was basically 'the Boss level', if you will. She spent the next year accusing my family of abusing me, that I stole her phone, that I had threatened to kill her if I saw her. The school ignored her as much as possible because they'd had enough of her, and during our final year they sat us both down and pulled out a huge list of all the sh*t she had done and that it was getting to the point that that we're going to press charges against her for all the harassment, or against me for my apparent death threats towards her. She said she didn't want to take it any further and that she would 'just put up with me'.

    I'm not proud of what I did and when I think about her I just wish I had told her to leave me alone along time ago. She was the number one reason my whole school career was awful, because if I wasn't her victim, then I was her persecutor.

    TL:DR, she tried to get me arrested and turned out to be batsh*t crazy and I regret what I did."