'She Made A Key To My House And Stole My Dog' - People Share Their Crazy Ex Horror Stories

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"What's the craziest thing an ex friend/lover has done to you?"

Over on Reddit, people are sharing their unhinged stories about ex friends and partners who went off the deep end at some point during the relationship. Either because of a break up, or perhaps it was just part of their personality, here are a few horror stories about people who should remain in the past.  

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    She Sent Fake Screenshots To Parents

    From Redditor u/PossibleTartarian:

    Messaged my relatives on social media convincing them I was trying to commit suicide. She fabricated screenshots of a conversation and everything. Im just lucky my parents understand me enough to know that if I was going to do that I wouldn't tell a girl I was with for a few months.

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    Had Her Husband Help Her Stalk

    Posted by a Redditor:

    The fact that she stalked me at my work for years....even AFTER she was married. Her useless husband would drive her and sit out in the car with her.

    I moved 600 miles away. I still keep an eye out just in case.

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    Made His House Officially Her Residence After The Breakup

    From Redditor u/armhat:

    Got mail delivered to my house when she found out I was going to break up with her. Then wouldn’t leave when I did break up with her.

    I called the police and since she received mail at my house they said it was officially her residence as well. I had to call my land lord and have him evict me to get her to leave.

    Once she left, he rescinded the eviction notice and I moved back in.

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    Lied To The Police And Said He Was A Danger...During Finals Week

    From Redditor u/solo954:

    My friend’s girlfriend called the police and told them that he had told her that he kept hearing voices telling him to kill her, which was a complete fabrication. The cops came and put him in a psychiatric ward for three days of observations until the doctors finally believed he was sane.

    She did it during final exam week when he was in college.

    She was straight evil.

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    Went From Bad To Worse


    From Redditor u/onmysadboyshhhrn:

    Woke up from a heavy night of drinking next to my ex. She asked if I wanted to try to put a baby in her and when I said no, she pulled a knife on me asking if I wanted to die.

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    She Planted A Camera At The Foot Of The Bed

    From Redditor u/HelmutTheSpeedyGobbo:

    My ex planted a dog camera facing my bed before leaving. Took me a week to realise she had put it there. She also rented the flat directly beside me and would monitor who was coming in and out of my flat and text them to see if we were “doing anything."

    The dog camera was one of those ones you can log on to your phone, check up on the dog and speak to it, dispense treats, etc. She had bought it as a Christmas present the year before.

    We unplugged and left it in a drawer because we thought it would be creepy if it got hacked and someone was watching us. Jokes on me, I guess.

    At the time of breaking up I generally had a lot of my mates around. So they were the ones who were being messaged by her. They would also say walking up to the flat that they could see her perched on her window sill seeing who was approaching.

    Fun times…

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