Excel’s Not Leaving The Workplace Anytime Soon—Master It Today For Just $39

April 23, 2020 2.6k views

Microsoft's signature program has so much more to offer than spreadsheets

Since its original release as a spreadsheet program called Multiplan in 1982, Microsoft Excel has become the world's premier business software. If you think that it's only good for spreadsheets, you haven't been keeping track. 

Every entrepreneur, contract worker, and corporate employee can benefit from Excel's far-reaching capabilities. If your résumé is overpromising on your skillset, it may be time for a refresher and then some. And as many of us are finding ourselves with extra time at home, there's no time like the present to get started. An online training like The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle may be the perfect guide, and it will cost you less than $35 in total to access. The bundle packs six courses that span 447 lessons, starting with beginner-friendly functions and advancing from there.

The first four courses are taught by Excel Maven founder Chris Dutton, who has mentored over 25,000 students in Excel and data analytics.

You're definitely going to get up to speed on basic accounting and spreadsheet work, but you'll also learn tons of other helpful tips and tricks. Here's a taste:

Need visuals? No problem. Use Excel for whatever mock-ups and prototypes you need. Website wireframes and dashboards are also a cinch.

Instead of a desk filled with Post-it notes,  keep your task list in Excel. Checklists are a snap as well.

Keep track of all of your customers in Excel's lightweight and customizable CRM. 

Need to whip up a quiz for the office or a survey you're conducting? Excel has you covered. 

Mailing list blues? Not an issue. Easily input data from 100 to 100,000 subscribers (or more).

Ever want to construct your own Sodoku puzzle? Yes, even that's possible, as are word clouds and animations. Seriously.

Whether you're after an Excel crash course or a deep dive in data modeling, you're about to take your efficiency game to a whole new level. 

The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale right now for just $33.99, a 96% savings from the list price. 

Price subject to change. Software not included. 

Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

Snag this course for just $33.99 (96% off)