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The Most Exciting Reality Competition Shows in 2019

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List RulesOnly competitive reality television series airing new episodes during the 2019 calendar year that deliver excitement and a winner.

The most exciting reality competition TV shows new or ongoing in 2019 are some of the most fun and entertaining to watch on television, but which is the most exciting new or returning show? Determining which competitive reality TV series is the best isn't an easy task given the plethora of options available, but this list might make it just a bit easier. These days, with the use of digital streaming via multiple options such as Netflix, Hulu, and others, there is a ton of content available but which of these current reality competition shows are the best of them all in terms of excitement?

For a reality competition series to be truly exciting, it has to be the kind that depicts a competition with dire consequences for failure, or a seriously huge prize for the winner. The only way to find out which is the best is to vote up your favorite reality competition series below, but remember, this list is all about excitement! Which new reality competition series available in 2019 is more exciting than the one below it? For this list, the series either has to be new to 2019 programming, or it has to be a pre-existing series with new episodes premiering in 2019.

Don't forget to add your favorite new or returning reality competition show to the list if it's missing and vote for your favorite below!

  • Survivor1


    Jeff Probst

    Genres (Tv)Reality Competition, Gameshow

    Survivor is a reality game show produced in many countries throughout the world. In the show,... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • American Ninja Warrior2

    American Ninja Warrior

    Matt Iseman, Jenn Brown

    Genres (Tv)Special Interest, Live action, Documentary, Reality television

    American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition spin-off of the television series... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The Masked Singer3

    Genres (Tv)Reality competition, Music

    The Masked Singer (Fox, 2019) is an American reality competition series based on the South... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Hell's Kitchen4

    Hell's Kitchen

    Gordon Ramsay, Jean Philippe Susilovic

    Genres (Tv)Reality Competition, Cooking show, Reality television

    Hell's Kitchen (Fox, 2005) is an American reality competition television series based on the... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The Amazing Race5

    The Amazing Race

    Phil Keoghan

    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    The Amazing Race (CBS, 2001) is a reality competition tv show created by Elise Doganieri and... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • America's Got Talent6

    America's Got Talent

    Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel

    Genres (Tv)Talent show, Variety show, Reality television

    America's Got Talent is an American reality television series on the NBC television network,... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Worst Cooks in America7

    Worst Cooks in America

    Anne Burrell, Bobby Flay

    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    Worst Cooks in America is an American reality television series that premiered on January 3,... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The Voice8

    The Voice

    Adam Levine, Blake Shelton

    Genres (Tv)Talent show, Reality television

    The Voice (NBC, 2011) is an American reality television singing competition hosted by Kelly... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The Titan Games9

    The Titan Games

    Dwayne Johnson

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Sports

    The Titan Games (NBC, 2019) is a sports competition series. Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, the show... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Dancing with the Stars10

    Dancing with the Stars

    Tom Bergeron, Carrie Ann Inaba

    Genres (Tv)Sports, Sports film, Reality television

    Dancing with the Stars is an American dance competition show airing since 2005 on ABC in the... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Nailed It!11

    Nailed It!

    Nicole Byer, Jacques Torres

    Genres (Tv)Reality competition, Food

    Nailed It! (Netflix, 2018) is a reality bake-off competition series. Three amateur bakers... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Mental Samurai12

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Game show

    Mental Samurai (Fox, 2019) is an obstacle course competition series. Hosted by Rob Lowe, the... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Big Brother13

    Big Brother

    Julie Chen, Phil Proctor

    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    Big Brother is the British version of the international reality television franchise Big... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Big Brother14

    Big Brother

    Julie Chen, Phil Proctor

    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    Big Brother (CBS, 2000) is a television reality game show based on an originally Dutch TV... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Buddy vs. Duff15

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Buddy Valastro, Duff Goldman

    Genres (Tv)Reality television, Game show, Competitive Reality

    Buddy vs. Duff (Food Network, 2019) is an American reality television game show. The... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Next Top Model16

    Next Top Model

    Vicky Kaya, Denia Agalianou

    Genres (Tv)Reality television

    The Next Top Model is a Greek reality television show that forms part of the Top Model series.... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Celebrity Big Brother17

    Celebrity Big Brother

    Clayton Halsey, Julie Chen Moonves

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Gameshow

    Celebrity Big Brother (CBS, 2018) is an American reality gameshow series created by John de... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The World's Best18

    The World's Best

    James Corden, Drew Barrymore

    Genres (Tv)Reality competition

    The World's Best (CBS, 2019) is a global talent competition series created by Mike Darnell and... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Project Runway19

    Project Runway

    Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum

    Genres (Tv)Reality Competition, Reality television

    Project Runway (Bravo, 2004) is an American reality television series created by Eli Holzman.... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • So You Think You Can Dance20

    So You Think You Can Dance

    Mark Thompson, Nigel Lythgoe

    Genres (Tv)Talent show, Interactive television, Game show, Reality television

    So You Think You Can Dance is an American televised dance competition show that airs on Fox in... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Flinch21


    Seann Walsh, Lloyd Griffith

    Genres (Tv)Game show, Reality show

    Flinch (Netflix, 2019) is an American reality television game show. Contestants are bombarded... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Mythbusters Jr.22

    Mythbusters Jr.

    Adam Savage, Elijah Horland

    Genres (Tv)Education, Reality TV

    Mythbusters Jr. (Discovery Channel, 2019) is an American science entertainment television... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • Million Dollar Mile23

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Reality Competition

    Million Dollar Mile (CBS 2019) is an American obstacle course competition series. Presented by... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • ¡Nailed It! México24

    ¡Nailed It! México

    Omar Chaparro, Anna Ruiz

    Genres (Tv)Reality competition

    Nailed It! (Netflix, 2019) is a Mexican version of the 2018 American reality bake-off... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button
  • The Bachelorette25

    The Bachelorette

    Chris Harrison

    Genres (Tv)Reality, Dating

    The Bachelorette (ABC, 2003) is an American reality television dating game show, and a spinoff... more on WikipediaAmazon buy button