The Most Exciting Sci-Fi & Action TV Shows In 2022

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Vote up the science fiction and action television series airing new episodes during the 2020 calendar year that offer galactic levels of excitement.

Maybe the exciting shows you're looking for are full of explosions and cool moves, or maybe your excitement is fueled by a story that builds to a climax that knocks your socks off. Either way, or any way in between, the most exciting action and sci-fi shows of 2022 have just the thing to get you caught up in the moment. Real excitement comes from a combination of action and conflict that has you invested and on the edge of your seat. In 2022 there are some examples of exciting shows you'll be stoked on and we've got them here, ranked thanks to your votes.

If you just get excited about certain franchises, no shame and lucky you, there are plenty of new entries in old favorites like Star Wars (Ahoska, The Acolyte) and the MCU (Armor Wars). For those who are looking for something else, there are exciting series of a buffet of styles from sci-fi epics like Halo, spy series such as In From The Cold, and returning favorites like Hunters.

Which of these exciting sci-fi and action series have got you hooked? Which are you most looking forward to in 2022? Vote up your favorites and watch as the most exciting sci-fi and action TV shows rise to the top!