The Best Excuses to Get Out of a Date

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In the world of Tinder and OKCupid, it’s practically impossible not to find yourself on a bad date or two, so why not have some good excuses to get out of a date? It’s a fundamental risk you take on the journey to true love. So you’ve no doubt been in the awkward position of having committed to a date that you desperately don’t want to go on. Maybe you were set up by your mom or a well-meaning friend, or perhaps you were just so caught off-guard when the invitation presented itself that you muttered “okay” without thinking it through. Worse yet, maybe you didn’t realize the date would be terrible until you were already trapped at the table. Regardless of the situation, don’t worry; we’ve got your back when it comes to good date excuses. We put together an extensive collection of good excuses to get out of a date, for just such occasions!

If you’re the type that isn’t out to hurt anybody’s feelings, but also can’t bear the thought of struggling through four hours of mindless small talk, you’ve come to the right place! After all, who doesn’t understand their date canceling because they got a migraine, or their grandma passed, or their parole officer showed up for a surprise home inspection? Here we’ve put together a list that’ll make you a master of the artful date dodge in no time.

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    The Ace in the Hole: You're Feeling Sick

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    You're Just Not that into Them But Wish Them the Best

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    Professional Emergency! You Suddenly Got Called into Work

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    Your Headache Turned into a Massive Migraine

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    You Think You're Better as Friends

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    You're Having Lady Problems. Bad Ones