Unspeakable Times

Close Calls: Innocent Death Row Inmates Who Were Eventually Exonerated

Capital punishment is a hotly debate topic throughout the United States, in part due to the number of death row inmates who were exonerated. Since 1937, over 150 people have been exonerated, leading many people to believe that the justice system just isn't airtight enough to condemn people to death. With shaky evidence, unreliable witness testimony, and corruption within the police forces and the courts, it's hard to be completely sure whether a death sentence is the right answer.

Some of these released death row inmates were exonerated right before their last meals, with the message that they'd be freed coming within hours of their scheduled execution. Though the men and women on death row represent many different backgrounds, their stories all share a chilling through line: they were ultimately absolved of blame. The stories of these exonerated people on death row demonstrate that the justice system is not infallible, and that harsh sentences should never be handed out lightly.