This Exorcism Consultant Opened Up About The Creepiest Case He Ever Worked On

One of the creepiest exorcism cases that doesn’t get the focus that it deserves is that of Dr. Richard Gallagher’s work with “Julia,” a woman who was possessed by an incredibly intelligent demon. This case is one of the real exorcisms that were worse than The Exorcist, and it completely changed the mindset of a psychiatrist who didn’t believe that people could actually be possessed by demons. The story of Julia is not only one of the worst exorcisms to ever be recorded, but it’s also one of the few stories that delves into what it’s really like to work on an exorcism case. The case spanned multiple exorcisms, and the people who were trying to save Julia lived thousands of miles away from each other. Telling you any more would ruin how weird and crazy this story gets, so read on as this exorcism consultant shares the story of the worst case he ever worked on.