The Top Expenses You Don't Need

List of expenses you dont need and are pretty easy things to cut out if  you are on a budget. Skip paying for these unnecessary, everyday costs if you are trying to save money because you are saving up for something, are unemployed or underemployed, in between jobs or have recently been laid off. The little things add up - a meal out here, a movie night there and all of a sudden you are scrambling to pay rent at the end of the month.

If budgeting were easy, then everyone would be better at it. But, generally, people suck at saving their money. How to stretch a paycheck when money is tight? You have to cut out the little things that add up. Since people value life's luxuries differently, there is not one answer for the best way to save money on a budget. Movie-lovers may shudder at the thought of giving up the experience of seeing a new film in theaters but have no problem reducing the meals they eat out or taking the bus to work occasionally. Some people wouldn't dream about giving up their morning Starbucks, but would gladly cancel their cable TV to save some cash.

This list is voteable and reflects the values and opinions of the entire community who has ranked it. Vote on the items that you think you could most easily give up and add additional items that you have either had to cut back on or would never dream about giving up.
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  • ATM usage fees
    Vow to only visit your own bank's ATMs.
  • Lottery Tickets

    Lottery Tickets

    738 votes
    Give it up.
  • Smoking
    652 votes
    You promised yourself you'd quit years ago anyway.
  • Going Out for Coffee

    Going Out for Coffee

    765 votes
    That mocha-frappe-latte has got to go!
  • Manicures


    653 votes
    Trim your own cuticles for awhile.
  • Sports Events

    Sports Events

    529 votes
    Why should your lack of money add to the undeserved people's opulence for things we can all do without?